Cats & Dogs on Ice

Slipping on the ice can be a big problem for us clumsy bipeds, but cats and dogs look like they enjoy it. Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve ice-skated! Or just run onto a sheet of ice to see how far I could slide. Just now, there isn’t any ice available around here.

You can learn a lot about seizing joy by watching animals.

8 comments on “Cats & Dogs on Ice

  1. Everyone seemed to be having quite a lot of fun and didn’t seem to notice that it was cold! Some were, I think, bit more suited for the cold: the Saint Bernard puppy, the Malamute puppy and the Maine Coon cat were all in their element 🙂

    1. No, nor my Amazon parrot 🙂

      From our earlier discussion of movies, I thought of another favorite that I’ll have to watch again soon since I haven’t seen it in quite some time: “The :Lion In Winter” with Kate Hepburn and Peter O’Toole (and a much younger Anthony Hopkins) 🙂

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