Where Is My Sabbath Rest?

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By the time Sunday rolls around, I’m pretty much shot, spiritually. You guys only see the stuff I write about. You don’t see the stuff I don’t write about, but still have to read. So along about now, I need a day of rest. Spiritually, I mean.

So I’m eating my breakfast and my wife starts reading me this revolting story about Canada changing their national anthem to make it “gender neutral,” blah-blah, and I start singing to myself, O, my Sabbath rest got blown away, doo-dah, doo-dah/ I got no Sabbath rest today, O doo-dah day/ Wait another week, another rest to seek/ just listenin’ to dem lefties speak, O doo-dah day!

Maybe if I go outside and pray, I can get some of it back.

3 comments on “Where Is My Sabbath Rest?

  1. You remind me of a tune I used to vocalize softly in the back of the room at some faculty meetings in the English Dept: “Deconstructionists sing this song, Derrida, Derrida….”

    Another of my favorites was “Bakhtin, a little dab’ll do ya….” But I guess you have to be (a) old enough to remember the Brylcreem hair goo jingle and (b) debased enough to be an English professor among the Critical Theorists in order to understand that one.

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