Owls With Personality

Until I started posting these animal videos, I never dreamed people could have so much fun with owls. Nor did I ever suspect owls could have so much fun with people. Dig the little owl playing peek-a-boo with the camera. Who’d have thought it?

4 comments on “Owls With Personality

  1. Every time you post one of these owl videos, Lee, I fall in love with them all over again! Who would have ever guessed they could be so friendly and entertaining! If I were a little younger, I’d get one 🙂

  2. They really are fun and so cute. Kind of reminds me of our pet badger of
    years ago. Everyone said, Oh you will never make a pet of one of those
    mean things- but she was not mean at all, she was a sweetheart who loved to be around us.

  3. The more I learn about animals, the more I realize that they have all been created with very distinct personalities. You can’t credit what these owls are doing to anything except a sense of self on their part. I think we will see wonderful things in the natural world in the restitution. We see them already in this fallen world, but with God’s full and complete blessing on this world it will be better than we can imagine.

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