Here Come the Owls

The only time I ever saw an owl in real life: my friend and I were walking in the woods, I couldn’t have been more than seven years old, and we hadn’t gone quite 100 yards from the playground (you could hear the horseshoes clanking)… when suddenly a little tree, just a few feet away from us, seemed to explore. And out of it flew an owl that I was sure was bigger than me. We’d have run away, if we hadn’t been paralyzed with fear and astonishment. Man, that was a big owl! You don’t forget a thing like that.

The owls in this video are a lot less alarming.

Dynamic Owls

Y’know what owls have? Charisma. That’s what they have. That’s what’s making them so popular, lately.

Dig the cat who won’t share her Christmas tree with the great big owl who’s outside on the porch.

Owl’s Well That Ends Well

The more we see of owls, the better we like them–yes? And who knew owls could look so at home in the water?

Not much in the way of readership today. I’m hoping the owls can turn it around. When it doubt, it’s gotta be owls.

All Owls (try to say that 10 times fast!)

Imagine my chagrin when I went to post this video and all I got was a picture of Hillary Clinton frowning. I go for “cute” and I get that. Human error to blame.

Anyhow, owl videos have become rather popular around here, so let’s have some more.

I’m not afraid of owls. But one day, when I was five years old or so, my friend and I ventured into the woods on the edge of the playground, and had hardly gone 50 feet when suddenly this tremendous owl erupted from his perch and scared the hats off our heads. Well, gee, the bird was about as big as I was, and I wasn’t ready for it! One of those things you just never forget.

More Funny Owls

Is it true owls bob their heads and blink at you in code? I heard that was true. And, like, if you could crack the code, you’d be getting all these wise owl messages, and you could take credit for them so people would think it was you who was so wise, only then the owls would get mad and you would be in a lot more trouble than you ever expected…

(For maximum enjoyment of this video, turn down the annoying musical track.)

‘Owl Be Seein’ You’

All right, how do they do those things with their necks? It would be kind of unnerving if a human did it. I guess owls like to see things from assorted angles. It’d be interesting, if they could tell us what they think of what they see.

Your Cuddly Owl

You should see all the low-down, unedifying news stories I passed up covering today. Well, maybe you shouldn’t see them: I wish I hadn’t.

Anyway, for something completely different, wholesome, and soothing, here’s somebody’s pet barn owl doing some serious cuddling. A barn owl! Who would have ever thought it?

We do have much to be grateful for. Thank you, Father.

Owls With Personality

Until I started posting these animal videos, I never dreamed people could have so much fun with owls. Nor did I ever suspect owls could have so much fun with people. Dig the little owl playing peek-a-boo with the camera. Who’d have thought it?

You and Your Owls

These owls are pets, and look how adaptable they are. I don’t suppose owls get much petting in the wild, but these owls are really into being petted.

There is a legend that a pet owl belonging to the Smith Brothers (which one in particular, I’m not certain) inspired The Girl from Ipanema, but I’m not sure what good it does us to know that.

Gotta Love Those Owls!

Really, would you have ever thought these birds could be so cozy and companionable? They hardly act like birds at all–more like mammals. And they dance to music. They must be fantastically intelligent, to be able to adapt so well to what must be, to them, truly unfamiliar circumstances.