Urgent Warning! Play-Doh Causes Global Warming!

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An important message from Dr. Hugh Pestis, Ph. D., professor of Minority Superhero Gender Studies at Fimbo State College:

Greetings! As everyone but a Biggit or a Hater knows, human activity causes Climbit Change. But what everyone does not know is that all human activity contributes to Climbit Change. Unfortunately, that includes playing with Play-Doh.

Yes, even Play-Doh leaves a carbon footprint! Just rolling a little ball of it around in your hand is enough to strike some poor emu dead, halfway around the world from here.

As much as it pains me to say so, I have no alternative but to urgently warn each and every one of you to refrain from all activity of any kind! It’s the only way we can slow down galloping Global Warming before all the grass burns up and the all the water evaporates and everybody dies.

Ask any Scientist!

5 comments on “Urgent Warning! Play-Doh Causes Global Warming!

  1. When I first began reading this post, I had to reread the first line, which caused me to do my part since I had to slow down my reading – at first glance, I thought the professor’s name was ‘High Priestess’! 🙂

  2. I knew it! That nasty play doh is up to no good. You can never trust anything as “smart” as this stuff.

  3. Now I am in a quandary. That has me stressed out, but if I use Play-Doh to de stress I’m making the problem worse. Next thing, I’ll be eating Jim Sox. 🙂

  4. But … but … isn’t writing articles against activity an activity in itself? Oh dear, this politikal korrektness is very confusing. So hard to keep up…. 😉

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