Baby Cat… with Crib and Bottle

Granted: some people do go far out of their way for their cats. Well, we humans are a bit crazy that way. This cat gets warm milk in a bottle, heated specially for him, and his own little crib in which to drink it. In return, his humans get a break from ear-piercing demands for the bottle.

I wonder if they have a stroller for him, too.

7 comments on “Baby Cat… with Crib and Bottle

  1. LOL! Would you believe we have a neighbor who walks her little Maltese in a stroller?! I’ve actually seen it with my own eyes. And the dog is perfectly content to let her do the walking while he relaxes, taking in the scenery as they go along.

    1. Y’know, as soon as I typed that line, I thought, “I’ll bet somebody does!”
      My friend’s sister’s Maltese was almost eaten by his iguana, who also had designs on the canary–not a nice iguana like mine. My lizard never met a dog he didn’t like.

  2. Truly good for a laugh to start the day! It would be interesting to see a documentary done on the development of that kitten into a full grown cat and how its slaves responded to it along the way.

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