Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt???

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Some ideas are so profoundly awful, they just won’t go away.

New York Magazine is now beating the drum to cancel student debt and “make public universities free” ( It’s the usual leftid tripe: “We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake.” Like they really care about the economy.

So, we’ve got, according to this article, 44 million people burdened with $1.4 trillion in collidge student debt–and we ought to just write it off, like that would make it go away, and in so doing, expand the job market somehow, maybe by magic, and get rid of “the racial wealth gap,” blah-blah. Yeah: the job market is just dying to employ tens of millions of otherwise unemployable grads with masters’ degrees in Women’s Studies and Bald Chicano Gender Studies, etc. That’ll work.

But I think there is a way to write off all that debt and let these people get on with their lives. It entails a great big trade-off.

In return for canceling student debt–which only means that the $1.4 trillion monkey will be placed on the backs of the rest of us–we get to end the whole student loan program, no more college loans for anyone, and stop all government funding to the looniversities. That will balance out the $1.4 trillion and put an end to what so-called higher education is doing to our country–filling it with tens of millions of chip-on-the-shoulder, heads-full-of-toxic-mush, no-work-ethic college grads with degrees in Nothing Studies. It will also un-employ multitudes of academics who hate this country anyway and are every bit as useless as their students. Let ’em pump gas, or work as Wal-Mart greeters. They might redeem themselves with honest work.

Looks like a square deal to me.

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  1. A square deal indeed. Only problem with it is it will be reneged by the elites like when FDR said Social Security would have separate accounts and the money couldn’t be used for anything else, and that it could not be used as an identification number. Or when Ted Kennedy said his Immigration bill would not flood America with third world immigrants. You can trust the elites about as far as you can throw them.

    1. “Admit it! You went to college.”
      “I didn’t mean to.”
      “And you have a degree!”
      “Well, yeah, but it’s only a bachelor’s… and I’ve forgotten almost all of it.”
      “You have a degree in Gender Studies! Get out of here, you bum!”

  2. Wall Mart greeters contribute more to the social weal than do “liberal” arts graduates. They are also about a thousand times more friendly. You never see them scowling or spitting rude comments in people’s faces. You see a lot of that from “liberal” arts graduates though.

    I like your idea Lee but I’d go further. Don’t cancel the debt, and also end the student loan program.

    Two good ideas deserve to be together.

    1. Humane fellow that I am, I can’t help feeling sorry for some poor devil who, in a spell of youthful folly aided and abetted by wicked academics, went to college and got a degree in Gender Studies. Should this follow him all his life, even after he has seen the folly of it, and repented bitterly?

      I dunno… maybe you could start a college degree removal service. Sort of like removing a shameful tattoo…

  3. I agree with your post & most of the comments.
    While we wait for the taxpayers to come to their senses, I’ve developed a Gap Year program that helps students gain “hard skills” to make an income while maturing to take on no-debt college IF they choose.
    Basically, with 21st Century technology, college is obsolete.
    I developed this Gap Year program for my grandkids.
    Check it out!

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