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As a Pastor I’m always ministering to people in trials. Sometimes it seems like the Lord is not answering prayers the way we want it to be resolved which leaves one wondering if God is working. A recent thought came to mind that I wanted to write and spell out.

via A thought to keep in mind when God doesn’t change our difficult situation — The Domain for Truth

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  1. Many times, I’ve been frustrated when things didn’t work as I had hoped, but in more than one case, in the long term things worked out better than I ever could have imagined. Speaking for myself only, I now that sometimes I tend to take a short-sighted view of things. We are instructed to be on the watch for Christ’s return, but the timing of that even is hidden from us and we must be patient. God know what we need, and sometimes waiting can be difficult, but helps us in the long run.

    1. My eyes just popped out of my head a minute ago, when I saw my reblog of your post had suddenly racked up almost 100 views–just in the last 10 minutes. You must be a very popular guy!

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