Libs Turn Movie into Political Event

Now you can’t even go to a movie anymore without some “activist” shoving a voter registration form under your nose and babbling about “electoral justice.” At least that’s what happens when you try to see the new comic book superhero oh-gimme-a-break movie, The Black Panther (

This particular caper is the work of The Movement for Black Lives, which is “an ecosystem”–what?–“of black leaders and organizations fighting every single day,” blah-blah, and bugging people at the movie house is their “Electoral Justice Project.”

It would be a hard call to decide which obsesses liberals more, race or politics. Well, here they’ve got a two-for-one. And any time a leftid uses the word “justice,” watch out: it doesn’t mean what you and the dictionary think it means.

It goes without saying that the movie was created to make money. Well and good. But there’s something fishy about this particular movie. By and by we’ll be able to see exactly what it is.

4 comments on “Libs Turn Movie into Political Event

  1. All of these superhero fantasies puzzle me. I understand fantasy, by why do we need super-powers. Reminds me of something said long ago; Ye will be like gods.

    1. I think one of the problems is that our culture, steeped in cynicism, rejects the idea that an ordinary person can be a hero. There’s always a lust to tear the hero down. Like, if someone were to make a movie or a mini-series about Clara Barton, say, they couldn’t do it without sliming her in some way.

      That leaves only heroes who are most decidedly not real.

  2. A pastor friend of mine liked it and thought it was pretty well done. Michael Medved says it is way overrated and didn’t work for him. The real problem with it is the way it has been politicized via race (what else is new) because the Marvel hero this time is a black man. It will be a hit for the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. Will I go to the theater to see it? No thanks – I will wait for a movie more worth my time.

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