Cats and TV

My cat Buster used to try to grab the little elephants who walked around inside the TV set when Nature was on. His sister Missy had no interest in such things.

We can see from this video that some cats watch TV quite intently. The next question has to be, What programs do they like the best? Followed by, Of what earthly use is the answer to that question?

5 comments on “Cats and TV

  1. Well, Lee, I’m going to give answering those questions a shot. First, my guess as to the type of programming would be anything with balls flying around, any close-up fast action, or any nature programs with lots of animals and birds. The second question may be easier – if you plan to be away for more than a couple of hours, you could put a prerecorded program on for your bored and lonely kitties who are at home (probably asleep) patiently awaiting your return 🙂

    How’d I do? lol

    1. The last time I bought a video designed for cats, it came with a warning that the cats might get overexcited and do a mischief to your TV set. Wouldn’t want to come home to find the place burned down.

    2. I knew there must be a flaw in there somewhere.

      Get a good night’s rest tonight, Lee. You’ll be fine tomorrow. Lots of prayers going up for you.

  2. Yes, prayers for you for tomorrow. The Lord has this.
    My cat, Tiger, used to love Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. He slept through commercials, then came alive as soon as the program resumed.

  3. You’ll be fine tomorrow, Lee. Just take it as it comes and you’ll get through it.

    My cat watched that video with me and she things that iPad videos are the best thing ever invented for cats. Movement on screen seems to be her favorite thing. She was about the attack some soccer players when the video ended. Kangaroos hopping seem to really tickle her fancy. She also likes still animal photographs and frequently tries to touch the animals she sees.

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