Fashion Model Zombies

[Thanks (I think) to Linda for the news tip]

Behold the Gucci FallWinter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show. If you missed Night of the Living Dead, this will fill its place nicely. (

Director Alessandro Michele, apparently a walking advertisement for what’s wrong with Europe and why it won’t survive, has his models parade around a hospital bed in what looks like an operating theater. His message, they say, is a kind of “Cyborg Manifesto”–why does every pile of driveling dopes have a “manifesto”?–stating that we are whatever we carve and drug and mutilate ourselves to be: ain’t no reality no more, only “constructs.” There especially ain’t no male and female anymore. That was God’s idea, and we’re not buying it.

May I be excused?

What really caught my attention was the hostile expression on the models’ faces, sort of like Sonny Liston at a weigh-in. Fashion models used to smile. These all glower. They all need a good swift kick in the pants. One of them carries a severed head that resembles her own. Hot dog.

As for the, er, garments, I very much doubt I will ever see any of these being worn by an actual person. Some of them don’t even fit. In the words of the toddler who wouldn’t eat his sloppy joe, “It’s poop!”

We would be very, very wise to keep this particular culture rot out of America, if we possibly can.

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  1. “apparently a walking advertisement for what’s wrong with Europe and why it won’t survive”

    Right you are Lee. The East is on the move and is catching up to the West rapidly. They will probably surpass us at some point because the West is so obsessed with things like Gender “equality” and LGBTWXYZ issues. Things that really don’t matter one iota. It’s like these ideologies have built in self-destruct mechanisms, unfortunately we are in the same boat as them.

  2. Speaking of zombies. If people want to know what’s behind the evil of school shootings, all they have to do is look at Niccolas Kruz, the murderer of the 17 people at Parkland, Florida. That’s what is behind these shootings, mentally deranged humans – not the guns that were used. These evil people could have just as easily used a truck or car or knife or a bomb, etc.

    1. No one addresses the issues of culture or character. We have corrupted both our culture and our character, with unsurprising results.

      Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

  3. I wear a lot of Gucci but more of the older seasons. As fashion “progresses” and every brand tries to be different they start making more and more that are totally garbage, but that is part of being high fashion. Moschino, Gucci, and even Prada have some of the weirdest stuff coming out, and part of it is to stay relevant. No one will look at them unless they come out with something eye catching, bad or good.

    1. Meaning brands are trying to stay connected to consumers in some way. Or even stay connected with what other brands are doing. I went to a school for fashion journalism, this has actually been a huge topic in all of my classes.

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