It’s Fun to Bug Your Friends (Cats & Dogs)

Silly dogs bug sober, serious-minded cats. Goofy cats bug sober, serious-minded dogs. It’s how they show their friendship for each other. It’s hard for us to understand because humans never purposely annoy their friends and family members. There’s so much that these simple animals could learn from us… (ducks storm of objects thrown by audience)

5 comments on “It’s Fun to Bug Your Friends (Cats & Dogs)

  1. Looks like the perfect situation to me 🙂 And as to friends and family not intentionally annoying each other – in an alternate universe maybe.

  2. Yesterday I watched “Harry and Tonto” starring Art Carney (won best actor for it) and his pet cat. Harry’s widowed, so he takes cat to an airport but doesn’t fly because his cat didn’t like the checking in process. Next, he takes a bus. But Harry is left in the toolies because Tonto didn’t like the bus. This is a cat lover’s movie where man puts his cat before himself.

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