The Square Root of Panic

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Just a few days after the latest school shooting in Florida, police in Louisiana swung into action in response to a possible “terrorist threat” involving the mathematical symbol for the square root ( And no, I will not bother to explain what a square root is. It troubles me that reports of this story in the Big Media all seem to find it necessary to do that.

Anyway, some high school kid was doing his math assignment, in which square roots were involved, and some other kid looked over his shoulder and observed that the square root symbol “looked like a gun.” Then some other student “said something” that spooked the school officials, who called police, who searched the student’s home, and at the end of the day it was all a lot of nothing.

OK, it was just a couple of days after a major calamity and people–especially school administrators and police–were jumpy. I can’t blame them for that. Only there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of police descending on schools because they were called by wacko school officials reacting to trivia or nonsense. Here in New Jersey a couple years ago, we had the State Police swooping down on a school because some little kid called a brownie “a brownie.” Racial incident, you know. Call the cops. School officials are idiots for over-reacting and the cops are fools for not arresting said idiots and charging them with wasting police time.

Meanwhile, liberals keep on trying to stampede America into some easy solution–like, for instance, disarming all law-abiding people–to the massive cultural disaster they have inflicted on our nation. “School shootings,” now a commonplace noun, were unheard-of before the Left really sank its teeth into America during the Sixties.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

And chasing down supposed pictures of guns–uh, Officer, have you ever seen a modern video game, or gone to the movies lately?–only makes you look like ninnies.

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  1. When I saw this last night, I thought at first it was somewhat humorous. On second thought . . .

    The wimps we’re raising these days that think a picture of ANYTHING is dangerous – well, it’s almost criminal.

    Meanwhile, the officers who remind us daily that they put their lives on the line every day were afraid to enter the school in Florida until many more officers showed up. Why? They didn’t want to get shot. Gee, don’t you get paid to protect us by ‘putting your lives on the line every day’? Ask any military man who’s actually been on a battlefield, and for a lot less money, like my husband. He will straighten that misconception out in a hurry.

    Sorry. I guess today was my day for a soapbox.

    1. Meanwhile, these same kids who have to be protected from a picture of a gun–even when it’s not a gun–devote much of their time to incredibly violet video games and movies.

  2. I did some of my internship in a Pre-Kindergarten class. I got to play with the children! When I played with the plastic connecting parts I made a assortment that one of the kids thought looked like a gun. He seriously scolded me, “You can’t make guns.” How sad – I loved playing with guns with my friends, especially cap guns.

  3. You know how we all use the term “going postal” nowadays because of one incident about, oh I don’t know for sure, 25 years ago? Well, let’s drive the libs really insane and start referring to these school shootings as “going academic”. And at the same time quietly convince teachers and other workers in these government funded socialist propaganda institutions to conceal carry anyway.

  4. Seems to me the idiots (in the same class!) who reported a square root as a gun were too stupid to know the difference. Apparently, their stupidity was contagious. I’m really concerned how a drawing of a square root could look like a gun in a math class!. Their brainwashing by the public school is wiping their brains empty – a clean slate for the conditioning propaganda being forced into them. Although I’m angry at what they put the other student through, I feel sorry for them, their future, and the future of America, politically and economically. But I feel even more sorry for the children who, one day, won’t be allowed to even play with toy guns. I just hope the student gets over it without malingering trauma.

    1. There are times in history when a country really needs a lot of guys with guns if it’s going to survive. We are not currently ready for such a time.

    2. Wow. Truth to power, Lee. I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, i’d like to quote and spread your reply if you don’t mind. Now that facebook refuses to accept my posts from conservative, Christian, anti-abortion, pro-guns, vaccine, veterans, patriotic sites (and including yours),, WND, freedomoutpost, and sometimes even newswithviews, and the fact that youtube no longer has a comment section and refuses to register up votes for videos in this same group, and twitter continues to shadow bad most of my posts in these same categories, the most I can do is leave comments everywhere I can. I was wondering who else is experiencing the same censorship…

    3. Marlene, just yesterday and today, many independent conservative YouTube channels have been completely taken down and all their videos – gone!

    4. OMG! I’ve been reading one complaint after another, piecemeal, about this and that youtube also stole their ad money. So now it’s official – all truth investigative journalism is censored on youtube! Well, they can take away the voice of freedom, but they can’t take away the freedom of guns, I’m overwhelmed – you? I think our strategy now should be to put the Constitution aside, for the moment, and work with what we have, even if it’s within the parameters of tyranny. I support every site that is filing a lawsuit against these public forums whose attorneys would have us believe they are private and can do whatever they want. Thanks so much for the update. I’m going over to Dr. Eowyn’s site to see what he has written.

    5. Marlene, I’ve heard through some of the YouTubers who are still up and running (for how long, who knows) there’s talk of a lawsuit but the feeling is that there may not be enough of them. Strength in numbers. Free speech is all but gone. I mentioned earlier in a comment on one of Lee’s articles that propaganda is flourishing since the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act a few years ago. Fake news went over the top! If you’d like my email address, Lee can email it to you. Feel free to contact me.

    6. As they youtubers are being taken down, they are also losing their money, which may be why so many are hesitant. It takes courage, and money to fight back. Youtube is so devious. The Smith-Mundt Act of the 1940’s allowed for dissemination of news to foreign entities. I never read the SM Modernization Act during the obama administration, but i’m sure it applies to domestic news now. Anyway, thanks so much for your offer and YES, i’d love to exchange emails with you and Lee most certainly has my permission to give it to you. Thanks.

    7. Marlene, by all means, be my guest! I haven’t encountered that problem on Facebook, but then I don’t use it except to link each post to it.

    8. Lee, if you wouldn’t mind, Marlene and I would like you to share our email addresses with each other when you have a moment. Thanks 🙂

    9. As soon as Marlene sends me her address, I’ll pass it on to you. And you might want to drop me a line, so I can forward it to her. Come to think of it, that’s probably the easiest way to do this.

    10. Marlene, I’ve been re-reading yours and Linda’s posts. I haven’t encountered this on youtube, maybe because I only use it to watch interesting videos and find hymns to post. I don’t use the social media that much. Lisa runs my Twitter page, and I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook: haven’t had any trouble, lately, getting my blog posts displayed there.

      To put it briefly, I don’t know what’s going on with political censorship on the social media. I know there’s a big push on, by leftids, to lynch the NRA, and I’ve heard there’s a panic over “gun sites” on youtube–remember, seeing a picture of a gun could instantly turn you into a mass murderer–but that’s about all I know about it.

    11. For one example, any YouTuber who dares to try to bring clarity to the Parkland, Florida school shooting is being censored.

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