Oh, Boy! Free Money!

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Two Morlocks with their lunch…

Gee, wouldn’t it be great if Uncle Sam sent you a check every month, just for being you? Just for existing? They could call it a “Universal Basic Income,” you’d get it with no strings attached, whether you worked or not. And a lot of Real Smart People say this would get rid of “inequality” (studio audience boos, hisses) and replace it with “equality” (studio audience wildly applauds).

Ten years ago, before Obama, 12% of Americans supported this immoral proposal.

Now, after eight years of Obama, a new poll by Northwestern University and Gallup finds that 48% think it’s a swell idea (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/26/roughly-half-of-americans-now-support-universal-basic-income.html).

You will surely be surprised to learn that “universal basic income” enjoys its widest support among Democrats (65%!) and “young people,” aka slackers whose worthless collidge educations keep them from getting decent jobs. What’s that? You’re not surprised at all?

Proponents of this scheme pooh-pooh the notion that doling out free money will encourage people to be lazy welfare bums; it will, instead, they say, motivate people to work harder (studio audience explodes with laughter).

Yeah, but we gotta do it because of “rising inequality”! Uh-huh. What do these guys mean by “equality”? Do we all get to have, each and every one of us, his own Clinton Foundation? Do we all get movie star money?

Does anybody really need to have it explained to him why this is such a wicked and asinine idea?

How would you feel about hauling yourself off to work every day while the jidrool next door lolls around at home playing video games–supported in his slothfulness by your tax dollars which you worked to earn? Gee, that would sort of make that gink your master, wouldn’t it? And you his slave.

Why are rich, powerful liberals trying to sell us this? Are they aiming to turn us into Eloi–so that they, the Morlocks, can eat us? Is that all it’s about–cannibalism?

You just never know with leftids.

8 comments on “Oh, Boy! Free Money!

  1. Given that ‘equality’ is just another tool of the socialist agenda and has no basis in reality, the leftids use the idea as a pipe dream to gather votes. Eventually, when the majority of jobs are turned over to robots, people will have become accustomed to the handouts that are sure to follow. We already see people expecting free stuff. Here’s where it gets tricky. The tax base will have diminished nearly to extinction, thereby eliminating the funds necessary to dole out all this free stuff. Too many people. Hmmmm . . .

  2. The only true equality is equality under the law. “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” –Milton Friedman

  3. Of course, the money will be worth about as much as Monopoly money, since it will have no relation to any kind of goods or labor. In fact, after a while there won’t be any goods to spend it on, since there won’t have been any labor to produce the goods.

    1. When everybody has a Ph.D. and still can’t read, write, or add or subtract, wealth will magically spring up out of the ground and drip from the skies. Better hope so!

  4. Margaret Thatcher said Socialism works great until you run out of othe people’s money. The Utopian Dream is Plato’s Republic; you have the elite at the top and all the rest are their slaves at the bottom – no middle class (you know, those horrid bourgeoisie). Study the civilizations of history and you find the elites at the top and everyone else slaves to the State at the bottom. America is the great experiment in self-government. Many have tried to copy us, but they all fall back to socialism – but wait, that is what America has been doing since the gov’t took over education.

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