The Giant Hedgehog

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Hi, Mr. Nature here–this time with a giant hedgehog.

If scientists are reading the fossils right–they do try–Deinogalerix was about five times the size of today’s cute and cuddly hedgehogs (see illustration). It once lived in Italy. It doesn’t anymore. You’re not going to get me to walk into the “X millions of years ago” trap. I have learned not to have much confidence in prehistoric dating schemes.

It’s estimated the giant hedgehog weighed ten pounds and grew to two feet long. I don’t know whether it had the typical hedgehog spines: maybe those haven’t been preserved as fossils, or have yet to be discovered. A spineless hedgehog would be somewhat of a letdown.

We marvel at the many forms of God’s handiwork, and we do wish we could have seen some of these creatures from long ago (however long ago it was). And who says He hasn’t found another place for them?

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  1. Interesting. The word ‘giant’ conjures up a huge critter, but when you really think about it, this guy was about the size of our cats today, the length including the tail, of course. And while our cats today are cuddly, I’m not so sure about a hedgehog that size 🙂

  2. In Michael Denton’s book “Evolution: A Theory In Crisis,” he says probably over a billion forms of life have gone extinct on planet earth. Just think, not one beautiful sunrise or sublime sunset goes undetected by God Who sees all.

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