You Still Support Public Education???

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Right! Back into the nooze. Hip-deep in muck.

Thanks to an insane Obama policy, public school teachers have become sitting ducks for violent students: and all efforts to remedy the situation are being vigorously opposed by–would you believe the teachers’ unions? (

Last week we told you about the PROMISE Act, by which the federal government rewarded local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain kinds of crimes and thus making the crime rate appear to go down. That was the carrot–and now for the stick.

In 2014 the administration of President *Batteries Not Included sent out a “Dear Colleague” guidance letter (why does “guidance” seem such a threatening word, when leftids use it?) to school districts warning them that the Dept. of Justice–“justice”!–and the Dept. of Education might “investigate” districts where school discipline seems to be applied “disproportionately” to “minority” students.

Well, waddya know! In the wake of government pressure to ignore infractions like disruption, fighting, assaults on teachers, etc., student violence against teachers increased dramatically throughout the public schools. In desperation, in 2016 the Minnesota legislature passed a Teacher Protection Act to remove aggressive students from the classroom and to warn teachers about students who’d shown themselves to be a physical threat.

So of course the American Federation of Teachers gets in on the act–opposing measures to protect teachers from violence! Hey, that’s some union you’ve got there, teachers! The AFT is joined by the usual crowd on the Loony Left–the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (taking time out from censoring conservatives on YouTube).

Predictably, the leftids insist that any attempts to rein in “minority” students from violence are… racist! They believe in this thing they call “the school-to-prison pipeline,” it’s systemic racism, to punish juvenile delinquents. To combat “racism,” we have to let certain students physically attack their teachers–not to mention other students. Again, we make the crime rate go down by ignoring it, especially when it’s crime committed by a “minority” criminal.

Hello, normal people! Wake up! These left-wing crazies are wrecking your country and you’re letting them do it! If it goes on much longer, there won’t be anything left to wake up to.

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  1. This is another example of behavior that, with any luck, should end with a “Darwin Award”- behavior so stupid that it prevents you from reproducing. This is a movement dedicated to its own destruction, which is a faint hope for the rest of it that they will indeed reap what they sow.

    1. Combine the suggested ‘Darwin Award’ with the transgender movement and who knows, this could be an extinction level event – hopefully in public ‘education’ (indoctrination).

    2. The thing about public education is, the normal people have the babies and the weirdos in the schools, who don’t reproduce, get to train the children into being loony leftids like themselves. People really must pull their children out of public school.

    3. I’m hearing rumors that some places want to make homeschooling illegal. Figures.

  2. There was a time when public education provided a service for those children whose parents could not afford to pay for their schooling. And while the upper echelon elite might have intended this “service” by the government to ordinary Americans to result in a compliant and obedient population, at least among ordinary educators the intention was to actually EDUCATE children in order for them to achieve their greatest potential.

    That USED to be the case, but long ago that ended. Even when I was very young (and I am 77!), we had already begun the descent into what passes as “education” these days. Now our public education is, on the whole, nothing more than leftist indoctrination. Even formerly immune schools such as religious institutions are being forced or have adopted the aims and goals of the New World Order. Homeschooling is the only hope, but the government is moving — state by state and eventually at the federal level — to remove that option from parents under the guise of children’s “mental and emotional health.”

    There is not ONE tyrant who has not understood that it is ESSENTIAL to gain the children in order to eventually institute total control. Looking at what passes as “young adults” these days, I would say that our enemies have succeeded in that aim.

    1. It’s a fact of history that for many years the chief obstacle to the implementation of assorted left-wing education theories was… the teachers’ unions! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

    2. Hillsdale College says a recent survey revealed over 50% of Milenials say they would rather live in a socialist country rather than a capitalistic one. Ann Coulter says America is already 70% socialist. As R.J. Rushdoony pointed out in his writings, we fought against the fascism of Mussolini & Hitler and then after the war adopted it.

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