‘Public Education Must Die’ (2018)

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They call it “education.”

Please don’t think your kids are safe in school just because you live in a red state. Far-Left Wacko teachers’ unions control public education in all 50 states.

A few years ago the principal of a charter school in Georgia decided to get rid of the Pledge of Allegiance and replace it with a newfangled pledge to some mythical “global community.”

Public Education Must Die

Happily, the public found out about it and got the scheme sunk before it could do any harm.

It’s almost impossible to fire them, and now they’re clobbering your kids over the head with Hypocritical Race Theory. And they’re always doing everything they can to keep parents from finding out what their kids are being taught. A couple weeks ago a teachers’ union in Massachusetts sued a parent for asking what was in her five-year-old’s curriculum.

Well, there’s one promise I feel safe in making:

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

Ooh-ooh-ooh! Another Youth Climate Strike!

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Well, now we know why they want all those children’s books in the library touting Far Left Crazy public figures…

This Friday there’s to be another Youth Climate Strike protesting Climbit Change and demanding government action ’cause the world is gonna end in twelves years, etc., etc.–and the New York City schools have given the green light to students to cut classes so they can take part in the protests (https://www.axios.com/climate-strikes-nyc-1m-students-can-skip-school-fdc414c6-1496-4107-85cb-ef6522e4d512.html). In some quarters this is called government sponsorship of a particular opinion and would not be allowed.

And three days later, also in New York City, we’ll have the United Nations Climate Action Summit.” Oh, boy. “Organizers expect millions of people to leave work, home and school” to march for “action” on Climate Change, which used to be Global Warming until it stopped getting warmer.

They think that if they can manipulate enough intellectually defenseless school kids to march mindlessly in protests organized by thieves and liars, they can get us to surrender our freedoms and sacrifice our republic on the altar of world government.

Serves us right for sending our kids to those public schools. We really do have to stop doing that.

We Don’t Own the Schools We Pay For

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The thought of those Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions shaping the nation is enough to give you nightmares. But they are shaping it, indoctrinating America’s children into the wonders and glories of socialism, transgender, abortion and atheism–and we can’t seem to do anything about it.

In the real world, if you pay for something, it becomes… yours. You own it. But in government-world, you just keep on paying and paying and paying and you never acquire any rights of ownership. The only role the public has in “public education” is, we’re taxed for it.

We don’t get to decide who administers our schools, who teaches our children, or what gets taught. The local school board has no say, either, not really–everything ultimately gets decided by some state authority… and by the politically powerful teachers’ unions: powerful enough to kick sand in our face and laugh. If we vote down the local school budget, all the district has to do is appeal to the state and the state nullifies the cuts.

So all we do is pay.

Without the indoctrinating work done by the public schools, no one in America would even be thinking about socialism, live-birth abortion, 50 different “genders,” open borders, or any of the other suicidal lunatic public policies espoused by Democrats and Far Left teachers’ unions. We would be a very different–and very much better!–kind of country.

Now we face the very real threat of our republic being plowed under by left-wing political zealots who think the object of any public service is to gain control of the keys to the gulag and see how many people they can shove inside. This would not have been possible without the public education establishment.

We pay for our schools, and so we ought to own them. And if that means breaking up the unions–well, I can’t think of a stronger inducement than that. Can you?

‘Kids Taught Bill of Rights is Outdated’ (2013)

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Communist teachers–totally in charge

Another full year of educational malpractice has begun. Ready for some Far Left Crazy, boys ‘n’ girls? Oops, sorry! I should’ve said “purple penguins.” There’s no such thing as boys or girls.

For our first lesson, class, we’ll talk about getting rid of pieces of the Bill of Rights! You don’t really need all those silly rights, do you?

Kids Taught Bill of Rights is Out of Date

They should stop calling it “public education.” The only thing public about it is our taxes. We, the undefended public, have no say in who gets to teach, or what they teach, or how much to pay for it. We just pay. And let the teachers’ unions indoctrinate our kids.

When the bill for this comes due, it’ll be high. Very, very high.

Here We Go Again with the ‘Nazis’…

An email came in this morning with a report of a high school in Nebraska where the unionized schoolteacher put up a poster that says “Republicans=Nazis” (https://steadfastandloyal.com/social-issues/youll-demand-this-teacher-be-fired-for-what-shes-teaching-her-students/) and insisted, “It’s the truth.”

When the poop hit the fan, the school backpedaled, settling on the excuse that the purpose of this poster was “to develop students’ ability to distinguish reliable viewpoints from unreliable viewpoints.” Uh-huh. And I am the Sultan of Swat.

Do these leftid numbskulls even know what a Nazi is, or was? Historically, a Nazi was a member of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist–yeah, that’s “Socialist”–Workers’ Party. With Hitler dead these 73 years, the label is kind of pointless. So they use it to mean anyone who isn’t them.

Okay, I’m asking, again, for anyone who’d like to have a go at it to fill in the blank: “I send my children to left-wing, anti-Christian, America-hating public schools because _______.” The best answer gets a raspberry.

You Still Support Public Education???

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Right! Back into the nooze. Hip-deep in muck.

Thanks to an insane Obama policy, public school teachers have become sitting ducks for violent students: and all efforts to remedy the situation are being vigorously opposed by–would you believe the teachers’ unions? (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/02/teacher-coalition-seeks-to-end-obama-school-discipline-policy-a-lot-of-fear-in-schools/)

Last week we told you about the PROMISE Act, by which the federal government rewarded local police departments and school districts for ignoring certain kinds of crimes and thus making the crime rate appear to go down. That was the carrot–and now for the stick.

In 2014 the administration of President *Batteries Not Included sent out a “Dear Colleague” guidance letter (why does “guidance” seem such a threatening word, when leftids use it?) to school districts warning them that the Dept. of Justice–“justice”!–and the Dept. of Education might “investigate” districts where school discipline seems to be applied “disproportionately” to “minority” students.

Well, waddya know! In the wake of government pressure to ignore infractions like disruption, fighting, assaults on teachers, etc., student violence against teachers increased dramatically throughout the public schools. In desperation, in 2016 the Minnesota legislature passed a Teacher Protection Act to remove aggressive students from the classroom and to warn teachers about students who’d shown themselves to be a physical threat.

So of course the American Federation of Teachers gets in on the act–opposing measures to protect teachers from violence! Hey, that’s some union you’ve got there, teachers! The AFT is joined by the usual crowd on the Loony Left–the ACLU, the NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (taking time out from censoring conservatives on YouTube).

Predictably, the leftids insist that any attempts to rein in “minority” students from violence are… racist! They believe in this thing they call “the school-to-prison pipeline,” it’s systemic racism, to punish juvenile delinquents. To combat “racism,” we have to let certain students physically attack their teachers–not to mention other students. Again, we make the crime rate go down by ignoring it, especially when it’s crime committed by a “minority” criminal.

Hello, normal people! Wake up! These left-wing crazies are wrecking your country and you’re letting them do it! If it goes on much longer, there won’t be anything left to wake up to.