Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid

Qantas Airlines–remember when their commercials used to feature a nice koala?–denies having ordered employees to enact truly asinine “suggestions” found in a booklet issued by the Diversity Council of Australia (

Uh… If your country has money to fund a Diversity Council, your government has too much of your money and needs its budget cut.

Like, if it isn’t bad enough you get on an airliner and some nitwit takes off all his clothes, watches pornography and performs a sex act upon himself in front of everybody, and finally attacks a stewardess–now the airline itself subjects you to this.

See, it’s “Spirit of Inclusion Month” Down Under, and I guess they celebrate it by requiring everyone to act like clods. So the original reports had Qantas banning “gender-specific pronouns” like “he” and “she”–I guess that makes everybody an “it”–and banning “offensive terms”–offensive to what kind of idiot?–like “mum, dad, husband, wife, love,” etc.

Finally, Qantas allegedly banned its employees from “man-terrupting.” What the hell is that? I hear you say. It’s when a man interrupts a woman. Apparently it’s okay when a woman interrupts a man.

Again, Qantas denies having said or done any of this, although they do admit making some use of the Australia Diversity Council’s little booklet. Frankly, I don’t believe the denials. They got caught, the world made fun of them, so now they say they didn’t do it.

That’s what they always say when they get caught.

5 comments on “Australia Drinks the PC Kool-Aid

  1. The absurdity and insanity worsens day by day. If there’s anyone left who doesn’t see Judgment unfolding, they’re not looking. The days of calling evil good and good evil are here in abundance!

    True to form, not only is this guy offensive, but the epitome of evil in my book –

    Wonder if he’s attended any diversity seminars.

    1. I am **so tempted to blog about this! But then going after the idiot Dawkins is just shooting fish in a barrel.
      If he wants to gobble up Bill Nye, though, I won’t stand in his way.

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