Sanity Break: Cats and Snow

Yes, time for another sanity break. I’m afraid my brain got fouled, contemplating the news this afternoon.

Anyway, it’s snowing like crazy here, and if the cats in this video were here, they’d love it. I love it, too, as long as it doesn’t bring down the power lines.

8 comments on “Sanity Break: Cats and Snow

    1. Yeah, now would be a good time to revisit Blandings Castle! Alas, I just finished my Wodehouse book last week. Maybe I ought to see what Miss Marple’s up to.

  1. Just what the doctor ordered 🙂 Surprisingly, a lot of these kitties seemed to like the snow, but there were a few that were a bit perturbed lol

    1. My cat Henry, if it was snowing when he went outside, as soon as it touched his feet, he would stop, turn, make a face at me, and a loud protest.

    2. Don’t you just love it when your cat makes a face at you and you know exactly what he means?!

  2. One thing I love about cats is that they seem to have a gift for having fun in almost any circumstance. They experience snow, perhaps for the first time and just make the most of it, even if they are literally in over their head, as the video above demonstrates. 🙂

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