Cats: Smart Enough to Look Stupid

There are a lot of animals that never wind up in an embarrassing position. Clams. Mealworms. To wind up behind the eight-ball, you’ve got to be smart enough to play pool. (Did I just say something wise?) That’s how cats get in trouble: curiosity.

P.S.–I don’t recommend allowing your toddler to pull kitty into the bathtub with him. That kind of curiosity never, never pays.

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7 responses to “Cats: Smart Enough to Look Stupid

  • Erlene

    Wow! I thought I had trouble with my cat. I couldn’t cope with these guys.

    • Linda Sorci

      Don’t you wonder about some of the people too busy holding their cameras rather than assisting the cats in some of these situations (like the poor cat who had a bag handle around her neck)? Although I must admit some of them were pretty funny – like the cat startled by the huge toy spider 🙂

      • leeduigon

        My poor Missy once got her head caught in the loop of a plastic bag–curiosity again–and was all over the place like a rocket before I could get it off her.

  • UnKnowable

    You did say something profound there, about the 8-ball.

    I agree, pulling cats into your bath is probably not a good idea. I possess clothing designed to stop the blade of a chainsaw in case of an accident, but I’m not sure even that is enough to protect me from a cat thrown into a bathtub. 🙂

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    When my mother-in-law was alive, my wife was always saying to her “Curiosity killed the cat,” and my mom-in-law would respond “And satisfaction brought it back.”

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