When Ninnies Attack

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Isn’t it grand, to be lectured by Hollywood celebrities who don’t have any more brains than God gave a birdbath?

If you were one of the few misguided people who watched the Oscars this year, you would’ve seen Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, gettin’ down for the struggle by showing off the “Time’s Up” slogan tattooed on her arm (http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/oscars/emma-watson-jokes-grammatical-error-time-tattoo-article-1.3858416).

Uh… two things stand out.

*It’s a fake tattoo, not a real one. You didn’t expect a Hollywood liberal to do something real, did you?

*And it’s missing the apostrophe, so it just reads “Times Up.” The original typo tattoo.

The 27-year-old genius wore the fake tattoo to the Oscars to drum up support for the “Time’s Up” initiative, which is supposed to do whatever. She explained, “We are standing for ALL marginalized people!”

I feel safer already.

Oops, no I don’t. Only members of Cherished Minorities may apply.

Please, please, California! Secede from the Union. And please make sure to take Hollywood with you.

8 comments on “When Ninnies Attack

    1. They aren’t reminding us of reality. They’re only babbling their convoluted notions of what reality should be. These people don’t agree that reality exists.

  1. Maybe she meant to say that the latest issue of the NY Times was up — that is, available for purchase — in the lobby. Or then again, maybe she’s been hanging out with Joe Collidge.

  2. Just sharing – 36 minutes better spent for one’s soul than all the madness of our day. It’s touching, and could easily have been a Bible story – enjoy everyone

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