Church of England, Church of Trans


Male and female created He them.  Genesis 5:2

“To be trans is to enter into a sacred journey of becoming whole: precious, honored and loved, by yourself, by others, and by God.”

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.  the Third Commandment

I missed this story when it first came out in April. The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, signed this anti-Scriptural screed, authored by an “activist” for sodomy

And now … a senior bishop in that church sez they have “no official definition of what a woman is” because things like that “used to be self-evident” but now the times they are a-changin’, all these new “gender complexities,” dontcha know (

Gee, if he ever needs a career change, we could offer him a seat on the Supreme Court. One of them doesn’t know what a woman is, either.

Is the Church of England even a church anymore? In light of  current public declarations, I think we’re more than justified in asking that.

‘”Idolizing the Bible”‘ (2017)

Presbyterian Church (USA) | GLAAD

They have their reward.

It’s a very simple thing to understand: either the Bible is God’s word, or it isn’t. And if it is not, then we don’t have God’s word.

‘Idolizing the Bible’?

I’m happy to report that my “liberal friend” mentioned in the post has made real progress since it was written. I don’t think he believes anymore that his church outranks God.

R.J. Rushdoony made a lot of enemies by writing about “churchmen” who refuse to honor God’s word. Or even recognize it as His word.

But as our Lord Himself said, “They have their reward.”

Easter’s Not for White People Anymore?

Fake Church: How To Be The Church When You Can't Go To Church - WEGO

The First Untied [let the typo stand] Church in Oak Park, Illinois, has announced that it will “fast from whiteness” (?) throughout the Lenten season ( Yowsah, the church will not use “any music or liturgy written or composed by white people.” (Maybe I should’ve said “unglued.”)

The term “white people” is not defined.

Need we point out that the church’s leadership is all white liberals? Does that surprise anyone at all?

See how they corrupt everything they touch? It’s as if they’ve decided Easter is not for white people anymore. No resurrection for you, baby! Only Persons Of Color in Heaven.

You really have to be ashamed of yourself if you stay in a church that does this.

‘”Transgender Preacher”–Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin’ (2016)

Israelites worshiping the golden calf. | Golden calf, Bible pictures, Bible  images

Worshiping the Golden Calf–some things never change

Has the whole world’s ruling class simply gone mad? Even the churches?

‘Transgender Preacher’–Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

The church I grew up in, I can’t go there anymore. They put up a sign outside, promising to be “welcoming and affirming.” I don’t think I want to know whom they’re welcoming or what they’re affirming. It would only make me cry.

So the Bible’s all wrong, is it? And for true spiritual nourishment, turn to our pop culture!

Please, God, deliver us out of this.

Argentine Diocese Posts, Then Deletes, ‘Prayer to Pachamama’

Argentine Catholic diocese apologizes for prayer to Pachamama

What’s with our churches? Did someone tell them God now blesses idolatry?

A Catholic diocese in Argentina recently posted on its website a “Prayer to Pachamama,” a pagan “goddess” worshiped in the Andes ( They deleted it Aug. 3 and “apologized” for putting it there in the first place… after multitudes of Catholics objected.

Hey, c’mon, chill out! sez the Vatican. It’s not really idol worship! It’s spiritual, man. And it’s sort of kind of like the Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile there are plenty of Protestant seminaries–and churches–teaching goddess worship and “feminist theology,” whatever that is  We Protestants have even got “Clergy For Choice,” evangelizing for abortion. We live in a glass house, so let’s not throw stones.

An image of Pachamama was brought into the Vatican in 2019 as part of–oh, I don’t know! Some angry Catholics brought it back out and tossed it into the Tiber. The Vatican rescued the idol from the river and the Red Pope apologized for the brusque behavior.

There is no room in any Christian denomination for a pagan goddess.

I am not sure Church leaders understand this.


Why Don’t They Just Throw Out the Bible?

mene mene tekel upharsin | PGM Recovery Systems

The writing on the wall has not been erased.

As long as the U.S. bishops are going to get together tomorrow to discuss “Eucharistic coherence,” they might want to consider the Eucharistic incoherence being practiced at Our Lady of Grace Church in Hoboken, NJ (

For the fourth year in a row, this alleged church is going to hold a “pride mass” to celebrate sodomy. Take pride in something that God’s word calls a sin. For three years in a row the American bishops pretended such things weren’t happening. Ditto the goings-on at so-called “Catholic” colleges: they ignored those, too.

Please don’t take this post as Catholic-bashing. If there weren’t faithful Christians in the Church trying to hang on to truth and righteousness, there’d be no controversy, no debate. There are many Catholics who must feel like Lot in Sodom.

This is open, flagrant defiance of God’s law.

Remember us, O Lord, that we never gave consent to this.


‘Re-Interrogate’ the Scripture?

Flip Wilson Show - The Church Of What's Happening Now | Flip wilson, Funny  people, About time movie

Flip Wilson’s Church of What’s Happening Now

I learned a new word yesterday–and me a writer and all!

“Re-interrogate.” As in the Bishops of the Church in Wales declaring that “the teachings of Scripture should therefore be re-interrogated” (–to allow the church to bless same-sex “civil partnerships.”

Flip Wilson used to make a lot of people laugh with his “Church of What’s Happening Now.” In real life it’s not so funny.

Their reasoning, if you want to call it that, is that although the Bible does seem to favor marriage between one man and one woman, it also gives “tacit approval” to assorted forms of polygamy–and therefore the one man-one woman model need not be taken very seriously.  And we are told that a “new social, scientific, and psychological understanding of sexuality” needs to be brought into play.

Like I said, “the Church of What’s Happening Now.”

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

‘The Whole Damned Package’ (2014)

Image result for images of clergy for choice

Clergy my eye

In 2014 the Presbyterian Church USA went over to the dark side. They’re still wondering why people are fleeing to other churches.

The Whole Damned Package

The question I had, and still have, was, Why does all this stuff always seem to go together? Where you’ve got “gay clergy,” you’re also sure to find phony “climate change,” abortion-loving, Big Government-worshiping, full-blown apostasy. It never fails.

There wasn’t really a “trans” movement yet, as early as 2014, so the PCUSA wasn’t able to endorse it at the time. I’d have to look it up, but just offhand, I’d say chances are about 99.99% that they have by now.

‘The Whole Damned Package’ (2014)

See the source image

“Clergy” whooping it up for abortion

Be thankful for churches that have refused to go over to the dark side–as the Presbyterian Church USA did, by formal vote, five years ago.

The Whole Damned Package

Well, Paul did warn us that there would be a great falling-away from the truth, before Christ returns. If this isn’t the kind of thing he was talking about… what is?

Rejoice in faithful churches.


Church of Norway ‘Apologizes’ for Having Been Pro-Life

See the source image

It looks nice, but looks aren’t everything.

And another “church” bites the dust…

The Bishops of the Church of Norway–70% of the people in Norway belong to that church–have issued a statement apologizing for having been pro-life ( No, it’s not a satire. They really did it.

Yup, the bishops regret ever having opposed abortion and are now for it–because abortion, they say, is necessary for “women’s health, safety, and security.” There’s that “women’s health” thing again. For good measure, they have added another “We are sorry” for not having given sufficient support to all the rest of feminism.

They’re going to be even sorrier when Christ returns to judge the quick and the dead.

But apostate churches, churches that go along to get along, churches that covet the approval of a fallen world–these have always been with us. The true Church is Christ’s people, in all denominations, who are faithful to Him and keep His testimony.

That is the Church that will endure.