China Outlaws Video Spoofs

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Now that they have a President For Life, the Red Chinese are gonna crack down on… video spoofs ( That is, on all content “deemed to be in violation of socialist core values.”

That screaming you hear in the background is Western liberals suffering paroxysms of envy. It’s just pure agony for Democrats to see this being done in China but being unable–yet–to do it here.

Deeming what you can see on TV and what you can’t is a “media regulator.” So that’s where Loretta Lynch went! Especially taboo will be any content that may “distort, mock, or defame classical literary and art works.”

And they mean business. “Those who don’t comply in time will be immediately closed down.”

Somehow this makes China sound like an oversized American college campus. Or the pipe dreams floating in the air above a New York Times editorial board meeting.

Beware. It can happen here.

8 comments on “China Outlaws Video Spoofs

  1. Good one, Lee!! Christians need to wake up. If we all act on the Great Commission, applying it to our own country of America, we have enough votes to create a Christian Republic. Both Houses of Congress have just passed an Omnibus spending bill that is a slap in the face of President Trump supporters which reveals how the two parties are both in the camp of the Establishment – those who seek their own agendas rather than what “We the People” voted for.

  2. I fear that freedoms are being curtailed everywhere, even here in the United States. The few ruling the many. This has been the norm throughout history, and why I think mankind is ultimately incapable of justly governing himself. America was the exception to this rule for a time, but even we have not been immune to creeping fascism. p.s. This Chinese president is one we should keep our eyes on.

  3. Isn’t some of this already being done on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter? Not to mention college campuses? And a number of leftist cities? It just hasn’t gotten to the Federal level … yet.

    1. I think of New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, with his two swimming pools on a palatial estate, mooning over Red China and wishing we could have a government like theirs…

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