‘Protecting Us from Knowing Things We Shouldn’t Know’ (2015)

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This was my Newswithviews column for Jan. 29, 2015.


Why can’t these people leave us alone? Always pontificating about what we should or shouldn’t think, should or shouldn’t be allowed to say, should or shouldn’t be allowed to read–but they are not better than us and they are certainly not wiser than us.

Historical novels, if they are written in good faith, thoroughly researched, and as accurate in their depiction of the past as it is humanly possible to make them, can help us understand the past. Not just know about it, but actually to understand it.

Once upon a time on the radio I heard two Intellectuals complaining about “a bunch of truck drivers” reading history and getting ideas above their station. We should be content to be spoon-fed by Our Betters–

Eeyah! Basta! No more of this!

Because Our Betters most definitely are not our betters.

A Stupid Solution to a Stupid Problem

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*Sigh* And it’s still a boring movie…

Today for the first time I heard about the Bechdel-Wallace Test (in Martin Selbrede’s article), which rates movies and other works of fiction as “a measure of the representation of women in fiction” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test).

Invented by a cartoonist who doesn’t much like men, yet takes pains to look like one, the test “calls attention to gender inequality in fiction.” Even fiction isn’t safe from Social Justice Warriors.  To pass the test, a movie must have at least two women in it who talk about something other than a man, at least one of the female characters needs to be named… and then we can start counting minutes on the screen.

The test is now included in software that teaches you how to be a Hollywood screenwriter.

The whole discussion of the “problem” ignores the fact that a lot of movies are stupid and boring no matter how many or how few females characters are in them. And somebody seems to be forgetting that fiction is not real. Meanwhile, the Bechdel-Wallace Test is being applied to comic books and video games–reaching out to those who are intellectually challenged by movies and need something a little easier.

What do you want to bet liberals are going to try to make this mandatory? The pro-choice crowd does like to take away your choices. But remember what they did to the creator of the popular British TV crime series, Midsomer Murders. They “investigated” him, as if he had committed a crime, for not including enough minority characters in his stories; and for that thought crime, they took his show away from him and gave it to someone more obedient. Liberals just love to see people obey them.

Do I have skin in this fight? Not yet. Go ahead, read Bell Mountain and its sequels and try to find any female characters who only talk about their menfolks.

But they’re already devising similar tests to get more homosexual characters into movie scripts, as if they weren’t grossly overrepresented already, and the day will come when Hollywood adopts a “code” mandating “gender equality” in movies and other works of fiction. They used to tell you what you couldn’t write, or couldn’t film. That was censorship. Soon they’ll tell you what you must write, or must film. That, too, will be a kind of censorship.

Control over other people’s minds–libs can’t get enough of it.

Captain Kirk vs. PC Mind Police

As probably anyone might have predicted, the #MeToo Movement has gotten out of hand and become a parody of itself.

Just now, they’re busy doing Social Justice by getting Baby, It’s Cold Outside banned from the airwaves. So radio stations have been banning it, then re-instating it after normal people complain about the ban.

Up in Canada the fight for sanity is being led by 87-year-old and still-rockin’ William Shatner, famous for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek (and for a lot of other work, too). Shatner tweeted, “Call in to CBC [Canadian Broadcasting] radio all day and get them to play Baby, It’s Cold Outside until midnight.” He called the leftid twerps who want to ban the song a “Myopia Censorship Club” full of “2018 prudes.”

Yes, Bill–it’s this bizarre worldview in which the hookup culture shacks up with extreme prudery. How long they can maintain that incredible structure is anybody’s guess.

But see, if it wasn’t “#MeToo,” it’d just be something else. Like, every white person is a Racist. Every man is a sexual harasser. After a while, we don’t care anymore. The whole thing is about entitled schmendricks on the Left wanting to pick on everybody and lord it over them. So we all have to be guilty, which then gives them the right to bully us. They need us to be guilty.

A vote of thanks to William Shatner! He hasn’t backed down, and he’s inspired other normal persons to call in to radio stations and get the ban reversed.

Now, ordinarily I would never post on this blog a song like Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Really, it’s not my kind of thing and it has nothing to do with Christmas. If anything, it’s a sort of “winter festival” song, which means the lefties should love it. Anyway, I am making an exception now only because the tin-pot tyrants on the left forbid it. Take it away, Dean Martin!

China Outlaws Video Spoofs

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Now that they have a President For Life, the Red Chinese are gonna crack down on… video spoofs (https://www.yahoo.com/news/no-laughing-matter-china-regulator-bans-tv-parodies-052528200.html). That is, on all content “deemed to be in violation of socialist core values.”

That screaming you hear in the background is Western liberals suffering paroxysms of envy. It’s just pure agony for Democrats to see this being done in China but being unable–yet–to do it here.

Deeming what you can see on TV and what you can’t is a “media regulator.” So that’s where Loretta Lynch went! Especially taboo will be any content that may “distort, mock, or defame classical literary and art works.”

And they mean business. “Those who don’t comply in time will be immediately closed down.”

Somehow this makes China sound like an oversized American college campus. Or the pipe dreams floating in the air above a New York Times editorial board meeting.

Beware. It can happen here.

A New Law that wil Be Grate!!

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Wee are Exited hear at Collidge becose “Yestarday” we Got “a” vissit from our Congres Wimmin ms. Tawannder Lennin she “is” runing For relection and she is in The Peples Combunist Workers Party but also she “is” runing as a Demmocrat, she sayed Lots of ordrinary dum peple Who “are” not Interllecturals thay wil Not vote four a combunist But thay are hapy “To” vote for a Demmocrat even thuohg Thare is no Differents!!! Boy thay are so dum!

Hear at Collidge we Love Progreasive Pollertitians!! And Miz Lennin she “is” goin to Interduce a New Law in Congres that Will make It Im-Posible Not to Be “a” Progreasive!

This hear Law wil Let The govvermint Investergate any Body who wrights any thing or makes A movie Or a TV Show or any thing at all, The Atterny Genderal she wil investergate them for Micro Gresion and Raceism and Not Bein Inclusive enough or evven Being Too Much Inclusive and Doing It Wrong. We wil get Them if thay “leaf out Some thing thay shouldof put in, and We wil get them if thay put in Some thing thay shuldof Left out, or we Wil get them if Thay has got Not Enough of this or Too Much of that, or Jist if thay sayed Some thing but thay dint Say it The Rihght Way!! And then The atterny Genderal she wil put Them al in Jale!!!” And this whay Thare “wont Be” no one But us Interllecturals whoo “are” aloud to say or Writ any thing and That “is” How it shuld be!!!

My prefesser He sayes its A beutiffle Law, thay can get Anybody for Any thing When evver thay want! that wil Keep the stopid “peple On Thare Tows my” prefesser he sayes. And aslo It wil Bee “the” end of Raceism!!!

And Then They Came for Our Fiction

Midsomer Murders

Here’s something that happened five years ago that I just found out about last night–and it has made me very angry.

In 2011 Brian True-May, the creator and executive producer of Midsomer Murders, the internationally-popular British “cozy crime” series, was suspended from his own show after he admitted that he deliberately kept ‘ethnic minorities’ out of the show’s storylines ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1366331/Midsomer-Murders-producer-Brian-True-May-suspended-TV-boss-victimised.html ). The series is still running, but Jo Wright is now the executive producer and Mr. True-May is history.

Yes, I know Midsomer Murders contains a fair amount of Christian-bashing. That’s why Patty and I don’t watch it anymore. And no, I’m not saying ethnic minorities should be segregated from the ethnic majority, if there is one.

What I object to most strenuously indeed is that any artist, any creative person, should be subjected to some kind of quasi-criminal “investigation” because he either left out of his creation something which the big-shots thought should be in it, or put something in that the big-shots thought should’ve been left out. Like, if they don’t like the content, they don’t have to publish it.

Midsomer Murders was a big success for years, under True-May’s leadership–maybe because of its idealistic depiction of English village life, which might not have been so idealistic if he hadn’t presented it as he did. But suddenly True-May’s picture of English village life was a little too English for the PC whoopee crowd–and he made matters worse by admitting to an artistic vision which they were content to profit from for as long as it remained unspoken.

Crikey, they’ll be coming after Miss Marple next.

Humanism, socialism… whatever you want to call it, the bottom line is total control of every aspect of human existence by a little cadre of self-anointed experts and philosopher-kings.

Well, I’ve left some things out of my books that I’m never going to put in; and I wonder when they’ll come for me.