God Is Not an Absentee Landlord

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As distressed as I am by this development, I feel obliged to comment.

We elected Donald Trump to protect us from the corrupt predators of the Swamp in Washington, D.C. But yesterday they hogtied him and got him to sign their trillion-dollar spending bill. In it the bad guys got everything they want while we got nothing–no border wall, no relief from the Swamp’s incontinent and wicked spending. They also gave themselves another hefty pay raise; and having done all that, rushed out of town for their vacations.

Now what?

I went outside. The sky’s still blue, the birds still sing, and God’s still here. By “here”I mean everywhere. He is not an absentee landlord, sunning himself on a beach in Antigua while his property just goes to pot.

Pray harder, sing louder.

O Lord our God, exercise your sovereignty, your glory: turn the Swamp’s rejoicing into tears and lamentations: intervene for our good, and save our country. Look past our sins and frustrate your enemies for your great Name’s sake, and for the sake of our rightful King, Jesus Christ, and in His name, Amen.

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  1. This is some of what he gave the democrats and RINOS:
    $12m for Scholarships for Lebanon
    $20m for Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship Program
    $12m in military funding for Vietnam
    $3.5m in nutrition assistance to Laos
    $15m in Developmental assistance to China
    $10m for Women LEOs in Afghanistan
    $1m for the World Meteorological Organization
    $218m for Promoting Democracy Development in Europe
    $10m for disadvantaged Egyptian Students
    $1.371bn for Contributions to International Organizations
    $51m to promote International Family Planning and Reproductive Health
    $7m promoting International Conservation
    $10m for UN Environmental Programs
    $5m for Vietnam Education Foundation Grants
    $2.579m for Commission on Security and Co-operation in Europe
    $15m to USAID for promoting international higher education between universities
    $1m for the Cultural Antiquities Task Force
    $6.25m for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation
    $20m for Countering Foreign State Propaganda
    $12m for Countering State Disinformation and Pressure

    But here’s some of what he got:
    $4 billion to address the country’s opioid crisis
    $380 million for election security grants
    Funding that can be used for the controversial Gateway project, which aims to bolster railway infrastructure between New York and New Jersey
    A technical fix to the tax bill that now will give grain buyers — regardless of whether they are a co-op or not — equal footing
    $21 billion for infrastructure projects all around the country
    An increase in Childcare Development Block Grants,
    Expansion of the low-income housing tax credit
    More money for the National Park Service
    More money for veteran hospitals and veterans’ homes
    Pay raise for the troops
    $2.3 billion for school safety
    $1.57 billion for border security, including barriers and technology

    Therein lies his regret and the democrats/RINOS’ victory, for now. I wish he’d have gone for the shutdown.

    “CLOUD Act to the spending bill: The provision eliminates judicial protections to personal electronic data and empowers the executive branch to negotiate with foreign countries on what they can take from private servers and share with one another.” This is supported by the DOJ and tech companies, but privacy and human rights organizations that have opposed the bill are rightfully pointing out that it jettisons current human rights protections in favor of vague standards that could gut individual rights.

    “Senator Schumer also admitted that the Democrats got more accomplished in this bill than they did during any of the spending bills when Barack Obama was in the White House, and Nancy Pelosi added that Republican leadership rushed this legislation through so quickly because “they didn’t want their colleagues to see what was in the bill.”

    The “waste” is in the members of Congress; hence, the waste in the bill.

    1. The president was wrong for signing that bill and I can’t imagine why he did it. Yes, they kind of forced it on him: but I didn’t think Donald Trump was a man to be forced.

      If nothing else, it’s way too much money! We have to work for that money. Our posterity will have to try to pay it off–if they can.

      Way too much foreign aid. Who made the government of the United States a world philanthropic organization?

      Anyhow, thanks for all these details.

      Crikey, it’s like Obama never left.

      And the one that really sticks in my craw is the half a billion dollars for Planned Parenthood–after a host of Republicans promised to cut that funding.

    2. “…it’s like Obama never left.” SPOT ON. He never left Wash DC. We still have a puppeteer pulling the strings of a puppet that’s pulling the strings of another puppet. The swamp seems to reach the bowels of hell. I’d like to be the one drinking water while they cry out in thirst, lips parched from running out of other people’s water.

    3. http://www.lifenews.com/2018/03/23/tennessee-legislature-passes-bill-to-defund-planned-parenthood-abortion-chain/

      “Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Chain”

      Proving once again that Congress have overstepped its constitutional powers, members have violated their oath office, and do not, have not, and will not represent the people. We the people need to fight the PP in our respective State for such a bill.

      (Maybe we could take up a collection to buy these traitors one at a time, video tape the transaction and expose them. But none of us wants to wind up in Ecuador…)

  2. 4 people put together the Omnibus Bill – hardly an exercise in democracy. Trump wanted the money for the military so badly (which Clinton, then Obama took for social programs – the Dems hate the military) he signed it but then said never again. We will have to hold him to that. The bill is not a budget and is suppose to be only for six months. My wife called the White House and our senators to tell them to veto it. We shall see as our Creator lets His creation play out its drama.

    1. “Never again,” eh? Y’mean like Robt. E. Lee saying, after Pickett’s Charge, “Well, I won’t do that again!”

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