Messianic Psalms: 4 Messages

Once you’ve learned to see Jesus in the Old Testament, you can’t un-see Him.  –LD

8 comments on “Messianic Psalms: 4 Messages

  1. I am absolutely convinced that we are seeing prophecy being fulfilled in our time. I wouldn’t have been so certain just a few years ago, but I think that the Second Coming is shaping up.

  2. Some of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled were very detailed. The only way the skeptics try to refute them is to claim the Old Testament wasn’t written down until Ezra appeared on the scene after the Babylonian captivity. But even that does not explain away how Jesus could have fulfilled what was predicted..

    1. I have absolutely no idea. I thought maybe it’s just because you’re an incredibly popular blogger; but you seem to be as puzzled as I am. Just God’s gift to us today, I guess.

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