Palm Sunday Processional

They just had their processional here at St. Francis, right across the street from me. Here it is from St. Mary the Virgin, New York City. The hymn is All Glory, Laud and Honor.

I don’t have access to Facebook today because the computer doesn’t want to do that, either; I can only hope some of you can see this.

2 comments on “Palm Sunday Processional

  1. How about that – I requested this song and then the next Lee Duigon post was “All Glory, Laud, and Honor,” but not the version we sing in our Lutheran church (which is much better – one of those hymns where the tune stays reverberating in your mind for hours).

    1. Even funnier, I never saw your request. So I’ll post another version tomorrow morning.
      Lots and lots of Lutherans in my family, although I was raised in the Dutch Reformed Church–which no longer exists in America (sigh). At least around here it doesn’t.

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