No Spring in Kitty’s Step

I don’t believe it: our Easter Sunday weather forecast calls for snow. This winter just doesn’t want to quit.

This video reminds me of our cat Henry, many years ago, who used to get annoyed when it snowed. All he had to do was step in it once, and he would come back indoors, crossly shaking his feet. He blamed it all on me, of course.

3 comments on “No Spring in Kitty’s Step

  1. I often notice animals who go outside, look around at snow, hail, rain and other nasty stuff, and they do seem to blame it on people, seeming to say
    “what on earth did you cause this stuff for?

  2. My house rabbits were the same way. One sensation of the snow on their paws and it was back in the house. We have had Spring here for a month. Now the Azazel bushes are sprouting blossoms. As my wife says, “This is the most bunderful time of the year!”

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