Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

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(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

James Hansen, a former director of NASA–a former space agency until Obama got his hands on it: now they just blather–is on record calling for jail terms for those who don’t believe in Global Warming/Climbit Change.

This year is the ten-year anniversary of his famous prediction that by the summer of 2018, there would be no more sea ice in the Arctic ( “This is our last chance!” was his dark saying.

Maybe the Arctic should be jailed for Climbit Change Denial: its sea ice cover has increased by 40% since 2012. If only Loretta Lynch were still our attorney general! She could sue the Arctic Circle. Maybe sue everyone who sees ice up there.

When the history of this shameful era is written, let it be noted that the serious movement to abolish free speech, and the free use of the human mind, started with the so-called Scientists who were pushing Global Warming.

9 comments on “Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

  1. They covered all their bases. Indoctrination in many areas, some of which are fine in themselves, but the combination package has been very effective for them – recycling, save-the-frog, conservation, – even pooting cows – along with the indoctrination of left-wing ideologies in politics, religion, education at all levels, the judiciary – even civic responsibility and brother against brother.. They didn’t accomplish it overnight. Satan is very patient. Total control of the planet’s entire population is now at his fingertips.

    1. He’ll continue ‘a short season’, and will ultimately get tossed into that lake of fire – Praise God! Meanwhile, he intends to make man miserable. Cling to Jesus!

  2. Let’s see, the predictions of Global Warning aren’t coming to pass as prophesied, so let’s call it Climite Change instead – real geniuses, these propagandists.

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