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‘The Brain-Eaters: Our Predatory Justice Dept.’ (2016)

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The only ones she didn’t want to prosecute were criminals.

So a university offered free online courses to anyone who wanted them–anyone–and winds up getting smacked down by the Loretta Lunch Justice Dept. for…ahem!…violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Say what???

Apparently there is no action that you can take, or refrain from taking, that doesn’t “discriminate” against some whining minority with greedy lawyers. They’d sue you for being dead if they thought they could collect from you.

This was not the purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But there is nothing that Democrats can’t turn to an evil purpose.

‘Oy, Rodney’ Author Arrested!

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Violet Crepuscular, author of the classic romance novel, Oy, Rodney, has been arrested by the Global Literary Authority on an assortment of really serious charges.

“She’s obviously guilty, so there’s no need for a trial,” said a GLA commissar whose identity was concealed under a hood.

Guilty of what? Well, here are some of the charges: Practicing literature without a license; failure to include a Full Spectrum of Gender-Diverse Characters in her novel; being white; and Climate Change Denial. Each one carries the death penalty.

Meanwhile, the GLA intends to “erase” her works. “We plan to track down and buy back all six copies of Oy, Rodney and burn them,” said the commissar. We think it might be Loretta Lynch in  her new job.

Ms. Crepuscular was not allowed to comment on her arrest, but she is rumored to have been rather put out about it.

‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

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Here’s another reminder of the big fat bullet we dodged on Election Day 2016.


Lest we forget: the criminalization of “Climate Change Denial” was a plank in the Democrat platform. And at our colleges and looniversities where speech codes and intimidation reign supreme, 90% (or more!) of faculty and staff are Democrats.

Another Global Warming Prophecy Bites the Dust

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(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

James Hansen, a former director of NASA–a former space agency until Obama got his hands on it: now they just blather–is on record calling for jail terms for those who don’t believe in Global Warming/Climbit Change.

This year is the ten-year anniversary of his famous prediction that by the summer of 2018, there would be no more sea ice in the Arctic (https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-07-top-nasa-scientist-claimed-all-ice-will-vanish-from-the-arctic-by-this-summer.html). “This is our last chance!” was his dark saying.

Maybe the Arctic should be jailed for Climbit Change Denial: its sea ice cover has increased by 40% since 2012. If only Loretta Lynch were still our attorney general! She could sue the Arctic Circle. Maybe sue everyone who sees ice up there.

When the history of this shameful era is written, let it be noted that the serious movement to abolish free speech, and the free use of the human mind, started with the so-called Scientists who were pushing Global Warming.

France to Rein in ‘Fake News’

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French President Emmanuel Macron says he will propose new laws to crack down on “fake news” and its sponsors, and that persons who produce “fake news” will be “punished” somehow (https://www.politico.eu/pro/macron-proposes-new-law-against-fake-news/).

Does that mean I’d better not do any more jackalope stories?

How does Macron define “fake news”? Is it just reporting things that aren’t true? Gee, he’d have to ban almost all the America nooze media. Like, really–babbling away on Election Night, 2016, about Hillary’s impending landslide victory: how fake was that? Or the New York Times, year after year, printing Walter Duranty’s lies about the workers’ paradise being created in Russia by Stalin? It was all lies, and they got a Pulitzer Prize for it.

When you make laws against “fake news,” you have to anoint somebody to decide what’s fake and what isn’t, and that’s where the whole idea goes wrong. Suddenly “fake news” is any news critical of the punks in power. Try to imagine Loretta Lynch with the power to label and prosecute “fake news.” It ought to make your hair stand on end.

Our First Amendment guarantees, by law, the freedom of the press–without adding that the press is, of course, free to report all the news deemed “not fake” by the government. Because that freedom comes with no strings attached, we have always had to put up with “journalists” who are something less than a credit to their profession. We have always had to put up with a certain amount of bogus news. Our mainstream nooze media is, frankly, a disgrace. But because the First Amendment prohibits putting fetters on the press, alternative news outlets, made possible and effective by the Internet, have been able to develop and thrive.

Confound these power-hungry empty suits, like Macron, who are always trying to chop down the tree of liberty! Always for our own good, of course–which they know, but we don’t.

The partisan nooze media we have to tolerate now is an annoyance.

But giving some government dummy the power to decide what news is fake and what isn’t–well, that would be a lot more than just annoying.

Mischief in High Places

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I hate it when they invade my Sabbath rest; but every time I try to hang my hat on a nail of peace and sanity, some Democrat comes along and knocks it off. Because they don’t want peace and they don’t like sanity.

Today’s reprobate is our recent U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–calling for I don’t know what, although I did listen to the video ( http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/loretta-lynch-need-more-marching-blood-death-on-streets/ ). Ms. Lunch is most famous–er, infamous–for “exploring” whether the Justice Dept. ought to “investigate” persons for the newfangled pseudocrime of “Climate Change Denial,” and for meeting one-on-one with Billyboy Clinton while his wife, the presidential candidate, was being investigated by the FBI–and then, miraculously, the indictment went away. Go figure.

The WorldNetDaily headline is a little misleading. Lunch–er, Lynch–does not actually call for “more marching, blood, and death in the streets.” She does call this “a time of great fear and uncertainty,” probably one that will require some lives to be sacrificed before the smoke clears–she doesn’t say whose, and I didn’t hear her volunteering–and she’s all freaked out because of “rights being trampled… and even rolled back.” What “rights” is she talking about? Transgender bathroom rights? The right to come here illegally and get free stuff? In any event, to protect these rights, Ms. Lunch–er, Lynch–suggests that bloodshed and death are probably okay.

America has had eight years of lawlessness from the top down, and is by no imaginable measure a better country for it.

The Democrat Party has called Lynch’s video “words of inspiration.”

These people keep on showing us who they are; and God help us if we are ever so insane as to ever again let them hold power over us. That must never, never, never happen again.

Your Progressive Right to Punch Anyone Who Isn’t on Your Side

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Aren’t you glad there’s no more Loretta Lynch running the Dept. of Justice?

A liberal lecturer at Cal State Fullerton recently decided he didn’t like seeing Republican students protesting on campus, and charged into the crowd and started punching one of them ( http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/02/08/college-republican-makes-citizen-arrest-fullerton-professor-assaults-student/ ). Someone made a citizen’s arrest, and now we can wait and see if the non-tenured anthropology prof gets some jail time–or at least gets fired.

The event was a bigger protest by “Students for Justice in Palestine.” I would someday like to ask one of these leftids what he means by “justice.” I’m sure the answer would surprise me.

America has had eight years of top-down lawlessness, with President *Batteries Not Included as its chief cheerleader and Ms. Lynch to make sure no lib is ever punished for attacking people or destroying property. Naturally, the prof got caught up in the heat of the moment and behaved as if that pair were still in office.

It would be a refreshing change to see high-profile lawbreakers actually get punished. I wonder how long it would take them to understand that this was really happening.

This Just In: UN Warns Global Warming Makes Statues Come to Life

See what happens when we don’t pay carbon tax?

The United Nations Special Panel of Smart People has brought forth evidence that Climate Change is causing statues all over the world to come to life and scare people.

“This here is a genuine consequence of Global Warming,” said Special Secretary Smart Guy Harry Hairball, “and it sure ain’t going to stop unless all them folks is throwed into jail for Climate Change Denial. Now do you believe us when we say you got to pay new taxes? Or would you rather some big old statue come busting down your door?”

Hairball said “We got lots of video proving that statues they are coming to life all over the place, and it’s all on account of Global Warming and anybody who don’t say so, they better watch out because Loretta Lynch has got her eye on them.”

Hairball added that no journalists will be allowed to view the video unless they swear an oath to preach Man-Made Global Warming.

Very nearly all journalists have already done so.

The Lie that Will Not Die: ‘Climate Change’

Considering that the Democrat platform in this election says they’re gonna have the Attorney General (the almost unbelievably corrupt Loretta Lynch) “investigate” certain folks who don’t believe in “Man-Made Climate Change” (aka “Global Warming” when the weather’s hot), this is still an issue, even if not many people are talking about it lately.

What throws me is the way the climate alarmists keep on getting away with it, even though it has been abundantly demonstrated that they’re lying and cheating like mad. Why do they keep pushing it? Why is my chess forum so regularly visited by persons who say “Al Gore doesn’t lie”?

I stumbled upon a teeny-weeny little fact yesterday that helps me to understand why this big fat lie just will not die.

The New York Times refused to cover Climategate.

If you get your information from the Clinton nooze media, you may be asking yourself, “Huh? Climategate? What’s Climategate?”

In 2009, hackers leaked thousands of emails from scientists of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, in England. In those emails, “climate scientists” candidly discussed among themselves how best to deceive the public, their frustration over temperature data that didn’t support their Global Warming narrative, how to bury unsupportive data, how to get their critics grants taken away, how to get their critics’ children kicked out of college–whoa, now! Is that Settled Science, or what? The emails prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the “climate scientists” are mountebanks and political gamesters.

The New York Times refused to cover Climategate.

Why? Oh, because the information was hacked! And hacking is sooo wrong!

This is the same New York Times that gleefully made hay with “the Pentagon Papers,” stolen from the Dept. of Defense, and has openly defied the law by publishing Donald Trump’s confidential tax information.

But no Climategate: because, after all, that’s from hackers!

Ditto for the rest of the nooze media. They stonewalled the story, and to this day, much of the public has never heard it.

If you want to bone up on Climategate, there is abundant material from free-lance journalist James Dellingpole. ( http://jamesdelingpole.com/tag/climategate/ )

What the Devil is This?

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Hillary Clinton has given a speech in which she denounced some newly-discovered “alt-right” conspiracy masterminded by Alex Jones, Breitbart, and, for all I know, Vincenzo Anthony Pinocchio ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/08/25/alt-right-hillary-clinton-supporters-struggle-explain/ ).

No one seemed to know what she was talking about, at the time. But one thing I do know: Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

And here’s another thing I know. If they think I’m going to use their new term that they just dreamed up, they can stick it in their gravitas.

Here is a crook who used her office as Secretary of State to rake in fabulous amounts of money for her alleged “charity,” the Clinton Foundation: the biggest pay-for-play scam in U.S. history. Anyone else would have been tossed into the slammer so fast, it would’ve made her head spin.

But Loretta Lunch–er, Lynch–waved her magic wand and made the indictments go away.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

That’s all we need to know.

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