Off Yourself in Style

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So what’s the humanist death cult up to?

Well, at the annual Amsterdam Funeral wingding, an “euthanasia activist” from Australia displayed his hot new suicide machine ( Hey, this is a gas! Literally. You climb in, close the hatch, get comfy, press the button, and the thing fills up with nitrogen gas and you’re history.

As the inventor explains, it’s a basic human right to snuff yourself whenever you please. Somehow you don’t have a right not to take part in a “gay wedding,” but you have a right to kill yourself if you get up on the wrong side of the bed on any given morning.

Imagine, that’s your life: a euthanasia activist.

Let me see if I can remember this poem by Dorothy Parker…

Guns are noisy, nooses give,/ gas smells awful, you might as well live. I’ll bet I’ve messed it up, but you get the point.

8 comments on “Off Yourself in Style

    1. An intensely troubled soul who sacrificed himself to false gods.
      Those gods who are no gods delight in death.
      “All they that hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:36

  1. Claustrophobes would not “go gentle into that good night” with this device.

    I’m reminded of the euthanasia resorts in Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 apocalyptic novel, “Lord of the World.”

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