‘NBC Nooze: “Heterosexuality Isn’t Working”‘ (2019)

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The famous grimacing liberal

This was one of the stupidest nooze stories I ever encountered in my life. Our so-called media have a lot to answer for.

NBC Nooze: Heterosexuality Isn’t Working

Well, I hope feminists are happy. They wanted to erase distinctions between men and women. Now they want to erase men and pseudo-men want to erase women. Could it be that the end they desire is… nobody left?

Oxford Prof Lauds ‘Depopulation’

Why holding your breath might actually be a good idea | Christian Thomson

Don’t exhale! It’s CO2!

They want to kill us off, do they? Leave just enough of us to serve The Elites as slaves.

It’s hard to avoid such thoughts, when you’ve got the mask of sanity slipping off the parasites at the World Economic Forum. They’ve got this professor at Oxford, on the WEF’s Global Council on Aging Societies, saying “depopulation” would be “good for the planet” (https://www.dailyfetched.com/wef-adviser-population-collapse-is-good-for-the-planet/).

There’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.

“Declining fertility,” she asserts, means no more “overconsumption.” Stop the breathing and you stop the CO2.

To which the golem John Kerry says, “Ditto!”

Kerry Thinks the World Has Too Much Food

What’s so funny, John? You’d be funny if you weren’t so horrible.

What do we have to do to get this jidrool out of government?

John Kerry’s latest flight of fancy, delivered to the latest globalist “Climate Summit,” a conference on how to make life worse, is a suggestion to cut back on agriculture–’cause producing food, you see, accounts for some 30% of greenhouse gases and “we’ll never get to net-zero”unless we cut back on food production (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2023/05/john_kerry_would_love_for_farmers_to_stop_farming.html). Gotta do it To Save The Planet!

Hello! Knock-knock! Hey, doofus–remember “world hunger”? Did that somehow go away? Like, when we weren’t looking?

Cackling Kamala Harris also gave a little pep talk–about the need to “reduce population.” Well, take away the food and the other should be easy.

Just leave enough of us alive to be your slaves.

If you ever voted for either of these two idiots, shame on you. Repent! And don’t do it again.


‘Bill Nye, the Death Guy’ (2017)

Bill Nye, The FOOD Science Guy! «

One man’s “science” is another man’s snake oil.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if all us old folks just fell off our perch and left behind a world full of defenseless young minds for the likes of Bill Nye to play with?

Actually we haven’t seen much of him lately, have we? Has he gotten what he wished on others?

Bill Nye the Death Guy

There is no one as anti-human as a humanist. We do we flood our airwaves with ’em? Why does anybody care what Bill Nye says?

(Note: I see that now that COVID has subsided, they’re piling back onto the Climbit Chainge Express.)

Oh, Boy! Fake Meat!

Conceptual Photo Of Artificial Lab Grown Meat, Cultured Meat ...

Lab-grown meat for lab-grown people! Edgar Rice Burroughs called the shot.

What could be simpler? You have a choice: real bugs or fake meat. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has approved lab-grown humbug “chicken” meat, “cell-cultivated” from stem cells–no live animals involved (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/06/step-too-far-u-s-approves-sale-lab/). The end product mimics chicken and can be shaped into fake cutlets, nuggets, or what have you.

Next stop, Soylent Green?

Well, what the hell… We cut ourselves off from God, let’s part ways with nature, too. We’re pretty much like gods ourselves! And Science has the answers! All the answers! So there.

We do not know what problems, if any, this will lead to.

Guess how we’ll find out.

‘Global Warming Wackos: “Terminate Industrial Civilization”‘ (2015)

Wanna save The Planet? Well, nine years ago, on New Zealand TV, this jidrool from Arizona had the answer:

“Terminate industrial civilization,” lock, stock, and barrel, throw it all out! It might lead to a quick die-off of the whole human race… but hey, we’re gonna go extinct anyway, right?

Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

I have a category on this blog: “Governed by people who hate us.” This really has to change, and we’ll be sorry if we can’t put a stop to it. Evil crackpots in government can do a lot of mischief!

And evil crackpots on TV are just as bad.

‘UK’s National Health: If Your Mind’s Not Right, You Get No Care’ (2020)

Pass the fava beans: Hannibal Lecter TV show in works

“Paging Dr. Lecter, Dr. Lecter to the Emergency Room…”

A rich white liberal vision of paradise! You broke your ankle? You want them to treat it at the hospital? Oops! This bloke voted for Brexit! He deserves a broken ankle! No treatment for you, mate.

UK’s National Health: If Your Mind’s Not Right, You Get No Care

Yep, that was the plan, just three years ago. If they decide you’re “racist, sexist, or homophobe,” you wouldn’t get medical care. Not unless you had, like, a severed artery and you were gonna die on ’em in five minutes. Grudgingly, they would still treat acute medical emergencies before closely examining the patient’s opinions and beliefs.

Honk if you still want socialism here.

Hollywood Wacko: ‘Wipe Out Half the People’

Why Do Lizards Bob Their Heads?

To blazes with James Cameron–here’s a nice lizard instead. This little guy is decked out in his mating colors. I had one of these: a very nice lizard indeed.

Ooh, look! another Climbit Chainge/Global Warming story!

Avatar director James Cameron sez he kinda sympathizes with a movie villain’s plan to wipe out half the human race ’cause there’s too many people and who do they think they are, walking around, breathing our air, yatta-yatta (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/avatar-director-james-cameron-says-he-agrees-with-wiping-out-half-of-humanity-i-can-relate-to-thanos/).

Cameron made the remarks during an interview focused on some stupid Marvel Comix comic-book movie cranked out by Dizzy–sorry: Disney–Studios.

He also bragged about forcing his Avatar crew to subsist on a “vegan-only” diet while they were making his movie.

Yo, Jimbo! [Japanese movie pun–clever, eh?] Why don’t you demonstrate your sincerity with a long walk off a short pier? Man, I grew up on movies and I just can’t take this hypermodern cat-poop that Hollywood doles out. You’d think for $100 million or $200 million you could get something that didn’t insult your intelligence. There are squirrels in my yard who have more to say than James Cameron. And no one has to pay them for it.

‘Numbskull Says He’ll Sue His Parents for Giving Birth to Him’ (2019)

Raphael Samuel in one of the posts on his Facebook page, Nihilanand, where he posts anti-natalist material suggesting that parents are 'hypocrites' 

No one mentioned the Fifth Commandment violation here.

This was another one of those stupid nooze stories that bubbles up to the service, stays just long enough for you to see it, and then vanishes without a trace.

So, no, I don’t know how this inane lawsuit turned out.

Numbskull Says He’ll Sue His Parents for Giving Birth to Him

Honor thy father and thy mother, God’s Law says.

But who is as anti-human as a secular humanist? That’s all that this guy is.

‘You May Have a Future As Compost!’

668 Fertilizer Bag Photos and Premium High Res Pictures ...

Alas, poor Yorick…

How does “the Urban Death Project” grab you? Your child dies, but not to fret–we can turn him into compost!

You May Have a Future as Compost!

Humanists detest humanity. Alive, they want us eating bugs and fornicating, but also sterile; dead, they want to use us as fertilizer.

“All they that hate me love death.” Proverbs 8:36 says it best. In hating God’s creation, they hate the Creator, too.

Judgment awaits them.