‘Feel the Love, Baby’ (2017)

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Remember this? Horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas–and there’s this CBS “legal executive”  sorta glad about it because it was only country and western music fans who got shot and you know they’re mostly Republicans, yatta-yatta…

Feel the Love, Baby

Well, she wound up being fired. Can’t let the mask slip. Most embarrassing for CBS, letting the normal people know how deeply you despise them. Keep it up and you might lose viewers.

People-hating liberals have quietly seized control of most of our political and social institutions and turned them against us. You can’t even watch a ballgame on TV anymore without them getting in your face and calling you a racist.

Why in the world do we permit it?

‘Wanted in Our Entertainment: Religion as Part of Everyday Life’ (2015)

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Frank McGrath as Charlie Wooster

Look at our movies, TV shows, novels and short stories, etc.–how often do you see fictional characters for whom religion is an inseparable part of who they are?

Wanted in Our Entertainment: Religion as Part of Everyday Life

There is a time for religious exercise to be in private, as Our Lord Jesus Christ taught; but there’s also a time for it to be publicly shared. This, too, the Bible teaches.

But our “entertainment” is a massive God-free zone, dryer than the Sahara–when was the last time you saw a fictional character praying? It’s like they all came out of a faculty lounge somewhere–arch-humanists, every one of them. And that’s not realistic. That is not what human life looks like. But then who knows less about humanity than a humanist?

M. Obama Says Her Babies Killed Her ‘Aspirations and Dreams’

TheRightRant: Michelle Obama loves to spend your money

Her husband, the worst president ever, once said abortion is how girls and young women “fulfill their dreams.”

Now, in a recently-released Netflix toady-flic, Michelle Obama has blamed her children for–well, it sounds like ruining her life. “The thing that really changed it [her life] was the birth of our children,” the former Worst Lady said. “Something had to give and it was my aspirations and dreams” (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/michelle-obama-says-she-gave-up-her-aspirations-and-dreams-to-have-children).

Who in his right mind is going to sit there and watch a thing like that? (Not many, I’ve heard: but the Internet is curiously devoid of any reports on the movie’s reception.) And why didn’t they just get the kids aborted, and thus fulfill her dreams?

Wouldn’t you say she had a pretty good run, though? No-show job worth several hundred thou. Wife of the president. Spent boxcar-loads of public money on herself: at least $85 million on personal travel and vacations alone (https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/white-house/article123335079.html). Looks to me like she’s had a damned fine time at our expense.

I do feel sorry for the daughters for having had to hear this from their, er, mother.

Tell-Tale Signs of Humanist Folly

Why is democracy better than Plato's philosopher King? - Quora

Some say the total fiasco resulting in the coronavirus pandemic is proof that globalism is not only a failure, but never could have been anything but a failure. I think that’s true.

But globalism is hyper-humanism’s holy grail, and they’re not about to quit on it.

Here are four signals that will tell you that you’re reading or talking to a hyper-humanist.

*Insisting that there is no God, hyper-humanists are more than eager to take on God’s job. They give themselves away by revealing their dogma that perfection can and will be achieved by… well, them. Imperfect human beings. They will create technology, societies, and political systems that are better, wiser, and more efficient than they are themselves. In their view, God couldn’t do it (because He doesn’t exist), but they will.

*Failed systems like communism and socialism won’t fail, no way, if they’re in charge! All those other poor saps in all those other countries all over the world–they just didn’t do it right. “But we will!”

*Because everything’s supposed to go right when The Smartest People In The World are in charge, if ever something goes wrong, it must be someone’s fault. Somebody let down the side. Some nay-sayer, biggit, hater, xenophobe, racist, trans-phobic deplorable must have screwed up somewhere. Probably on purpose.

*Everything “old” is useless and “on the wrong side of history.” Old stuff like Christianity, marriage, the family, nations, free enterprise: stuff like that. Everything “new,” that The Smartest People In The World just made up a few weeks ago–like 50 different “genders,” or, God forbid, a robot-controlled “social credit system” like they have in Red China’s workers’ paradise–that’s all good. That’s all on the right side of history.

Even one of these tell-tale signs, if you can spot it, should absolutely disqualify the writer or speaker from ever holding any public office or other position of responsibility.

Get these people out of power, and keep them out, before they come up with another pandemic. We probably don’t need philosophers and probably don’t need kings; but philosopher-kings are no use at all. And dangerous if swallowed.


Father Faces Jail Term for Pulling Son, 9, Out of ‘Gay’ Class

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They’re not listening to you, people

Stop me if you’ve seen this pattern before: 1) “School” (they’re still calling them schools) plugs in some outrageous innovation that 2) gets the public hopping mad. 3) In the face of widespread protests, the school removes the innovation. But when 4) all the heat dies down, 5) they plug it back in.

This is what has happened in a school district in Birmingham, UK. Last year they plugged in a “gay”-promoting “curriculum” and parents, mostly Muslims, pulled 600 kids out of the schools and kept them out until the district got rid of its “OK to be gay” curriculum. Victory for the good guys, right?

Wrong. When the storm of controversy passed, the school just recently re-installed the “gay” classes; and this time the first parent to object was arrested–this is what I mean when I refer to police as “Herod’s men”–and, if found guilty of God knows what, could be fined 2,500 Pounds and locked up in jail for three months (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/02/06/uk-muslim-father-faces-jail-pulling-9-year-old-son-out-lgbt-lessons/).

Well, parents, the “school officials” didn’t learn their lesson last time, did they? Now they’re using strongarm methods. Your kids are gonna be “gay” or those officials will know the reason why!

So you’re going to have to pull your kids again. All of them. Go on–dare them to look up every mother and every father in the school district. They’ll back down again. And maybe sue them for it, too.

Humanists–they think they own us and own our children. They have lost their fear of normal people.

We need to bring that back.

How Crazy Are They?

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And these were some of the calm ones…

How crazy are Democrats? Judge for yourself.

In a newly-released poll by the University of Massachusetts, 62% of Vermont Democrats said they would rather see a meteor strike extinguish all human life on earth, than see Donald Trump re-elected president (https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-president-trump-loses-poll-to-extinction-human-race-meteor-20200207-t6kg6pmsmjd5dhgnvi3c36uuba-story.html).

That’s more than crazy. That’s perverse.

Now, are Vermont Democrats more warped than, say, California or New Jersey Democrats? I mean, wanting everyone in Southeast Asia to get killed because you didn’t get your way in an election–can we feel entirely safe, with these people running around loose?

They want to be in charge of our country. They want power. Lots and lots of power.

Is that something we want to hand over to psychotics?

Repeat: There’s No Such Thing

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Noozies, fake educators, leftist politicians, Hollywood, hopped-up crazy judges, and teacher unions are totally gung-ho for “transgender.” Depending on where you happen to be, you can be arrested for using the wrong pronoun, or subjected to a court-ordered “gender training” course (shades of the Great Cultural Revolution, comrades!), kicked out of a public facility, or fired from your job… all because you failed to affirm and support and celebrate and give three lusty cheers for gender fluidity.

But really–we all do know, don’t we, that there are only two sexes, male and female? That except in exceedingly rare cases, you’ve either got XX chromosomes (female) or XY chromosomes (male)? Like, even noozies know this basic biological fact–right? Not an opinion, but a fact.

So what we have here are people fanatically proclaiming something which they flat-out know is not true–and demanding that everybody else proclaim it, too, or suffer consequences.

And the question is: What are we supposed to gain from this? How is society supposed to gain by affirming something that is totally untrue?

Well, totalitarians–leftids are always trying to create a totalitarian order–find it handy to humiliate their subject peoples. Forcing them to say things they know are hogwash is an easy way to do it.

But there’s also the matter of “revolution” for its own sake, as an end in itself. “We’re revolutionaries, so we make revolution!” To build your own utopia, you have to tear down everything that’s already there. Tear it all down. “But it’s for your good, people! We know what’s best! We’ll create a paradise on earth!” And you wind up with the Soviet Union, or any other communist hell-hole. Good thing they collapse before they can carry out quite all the mischief that they mean to do.

Gender fluidity. A boy one day, a girl the next. Drag Queen Story Hour, at your taxpayer-funded public library. And you’d better say you like it, or else!

This aspect of the “revolution,” this wholesale revolt against reality, is so irrational, so totally and visibly crazy, as to leave no doubt as to its satanic origin. We can’t answer the question, “What can we possibly gain by this?”, because there is absolutely nothing to be gained. It’s not about gaining anything. It’s only about tearing down. Only about loss. Forget the building up: there is only tearing down.

And they are hot to trot for it! And coming after us with everything they’ve got, short of actual war. Maybe that comes later: kill everybody who won’t affirm and celebrate gender fluidity. People have thrown each other into death camps for less cause than that–or have we forgotten the 20th century already?

Pray for deliverance. It may be God will hear us.



The Assisted Suicide… Industry

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(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

When Canada in 2016 made it okay for doctors to help their patients kill themselves, no one expected a new industry to grow up around it. Even though that’s what always happens, every time some liberal politicians or judges discover a new “right” that wasn’t on the books before.

So now Canada, thanks to assisted suicide, has a growing “spare parts” trade (https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/canada-touts-how-assisted-suicide-is-providing-human-spare-parts-so-hurry-up-and-die-already/?fbclid=IwAR0usvqYxca0mgErQ74JY0RkAzypwO1cUgtRun5PVH2_Oy1BKB-0rs1VORc).

Check out this headline from The Ottawa Citizen: “Medically assisted deaths prove a growing boon to organ donation in Ontario.” Hip, hip, hooray. And, in the text, “Ontarians who opt for medically assisted deaths (MAiD)–” dig the cute acronym–“are increasingly saving or improving other people’s lives…”

You name it, people make money on it. Assisted suicide is turning into big business. All these people rubbing their palms as they wait for you to snuff it. And if you’re a little slow to tell ’em to pull your plug, there’s always someone leaning over your hospital bed to remind you of all the good you’ll be doing, so why don’t you get a move on, etc.

So first it’s in your interest to die, to escape unrelievable suffering. Then it’s in the interest of those who will get well if they can gave one or more of your organs. It’s also in the interest of those who will make money on the deal, but it’s tactless to mention it. And finally, offing yourself probably helps Save The Planet.

Leftism kills.

‘Happy Earth Day…Not!’ (2012)

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Lest we forget…

In 2009, the prime minister’s top”science” advisers advised him that Britain would have to get rid of more than half its population so as to build a “sustainable” society. They didn’t tell him how he was to dump 32 million people off the island.

Happy Earth Day… Not!

C.S. Lewis got it right, after all: the ultimate goal of the satanic enterprise we know as leftism is to exterminate the human race. If they can knock off the animals and plants, too, they’ll do it. Because their master’s objective is to un-create Creation.

That’s what lies behind all the “science” and the virtue signalling. Read Lewis’ That Hideous Strength for a crisp, clear picture of it.

The Sky Is Falling (Again)!

Climate emergency

(Thanks to Erlene for the news tip)

There’s a “scientific paper” out there, we hear, signed by more than 11,000 “scientists”–we have no idea whom they consider a “scientist”–which supposedly advocates killing off six billion people to avert the usual “climate emergency” (https://www.newstarget.com/2019-11-06-eco-genocide-scientists-demand-globalists-eliminate-billions-of-humans.html).

The Internet is overflowing with posts about this paper; but I was not able to find any flat-out statement that billions of us have to be killed off on these scientists’ say-so. The closest I could find was this quote: “The world population must be stabilized–and, ideally, gradually reduced.” Yeah, well, they’ve been saying that since the 1970s when the new ice age was all the rage, haven’t they?

There’s the customary Far Left twaddle about how Government must DO SOMETHING and TAKE ACTION to lower the birth rate and stop people from eating so much meat, and getting rid of carbon dioxide (CO2), and somehow they’re gonna “avert the sufferings” of humanity… by killing lots and lots of people.

The paper is published by “Bioscience.” The authors are William Ripple (Oregon State), Christopher Wolf (Oregon State), Phoebe Barnard (Conservation Biology Institute, in Oregon), Thomas Newsome (University of Sydney), and William Moomaw (Tufts University). They want “transformative change for society.” Bibble-babble-blup.

In C.S. Lewis’ novel, That Hideous Strength, a consortium of moral imbeciles–scientists and political operatives–get together to “transform” the world according to “scientific principles.” They’re too full of their own hot air to realize that the aim of their enterprise is to erase all life from the earth. I think he hit the bull’s eye on that one.

Is science still science anymore? I think we’re justified in doubting it.

It’s possible this whole thing is a hoax. But it’s not so different from melodramatic scientific poobah that we’ve all heard before.