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‘The Loving Left’ (2013)

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Barbara Bush, one of the least annoying First Ladies in my lifetime, died the other day. Almost instantaneously, a–er, ahem!–college professor at Cal State Fresno proclaimed her glee that the “witch” and “racist” and “mother of a war criminal” had died: so over the top, even the college was embarrassed (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/04/18/barbara-bush-fresno-state-racist-professor/).

But that’s what leftids always do, isn’t it?


If you think you’re the only one who’s noticed that some leftids sound like they’re demon-possessed… you’re not.

My Newswithviews Column, April 19 (‘Lovers of Death’)

Leftids the world over are sounding more and more like a death cult–and I’ve only scratched the surface of it.


I think the Book of Proverbs got it right: “All they that hate me love death.”

Off Yourself in Style

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So what’s the humanist death cult up to?

Well, at the annual Amsterdam Funeral wingding, an “euthanasia activist” from Australia displayed his hot new suicide machine (https://www.yahoo.com/news/suicide-machine-draws-crowds-amsterdam-funeral-show-215726881.html). Hey, this is a gas! Literally. You climb in, close the hatch, get comfy, press the button, and the thing fills up with nitrogen gas and you’re history.

As the inventor explains, it’s a basic human right to snuff yourself whenever you please. Somehow you don’t have a right not to take part in a “gay wedding,” but you have a right to kill yourself if you get up on the wrong side of the bed on any given morning.

Imagine, that’s your life: a euthanasia activist.

Let me see if I can remember this poem by Dorothy Parker…

Guns are noisy, nooses give,/ gas smells awful, you might as well live. I’ll bet I’ve messed it up, but you get the point.

Another Abomination, from Another Liberal

Some readers think I’m too hard on leftids. See what you think, after you read this. As townhall.com columnist Matt Vespa asks, “Who thinks like this?” (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2018/04/12/liberal-writer-donations-to-hockey-team-crash-victims-are-high-because-of-white-n2470230)

On April 4 in Saskatchewan, Canada, a Junior Hockey League bus crashed into a truck and 16 people were killed. Someone set up a GoFundMe page to aid the victims’ families, and raised $4 million in two days.

This seems to have offended one Nora Loreto, a self-described “activist” and “happy socialist.” Here is her quote, verbatim.

“I’m trying not to get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.” It doesn’t appear she’s trying very hard, does it?

In other words, people only contributed to this fund because the victims were young white males and no one but our happy socialist would have cared if it was a junior hockey team consisting of, oh, undocumented migrants or some other Cherished Minority. ‘Cause everybody who’s not her is a racist.

Uh, who’s the racist here? Who’s race-obsessed? Who’s heartless, asinine, and can’t relate to other human beings unless they cohabit with her in the padded cell of her leftid mind?

And these people want to rule us.

When We Were Young and Very Foolish

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Back in high school, in the 1960s, my Catholic friends used to have CCD classes some nights; and the next day, as we walked home from school, they’d tell me what they’d learned.

We had a lot of laughs at their teacher’s expense, a priest named Father H___. Oh, boy, what a huckleberry! He just wasn’t with it, man!

“You won’t believe what that old boob Father H___ said to me last night,” said one of these kids, one day. “He said, ‘Y’know what your trouble is? You’re a humanist!'” We all exploded into laughter. Like there could possibly be anything even a little tiny bit wrong with humanism! That was rich, even for Father H___. He’s not just out of it. He’s crazy! Haw-haw-haw! If he only knew, or even just suspected, how much smarter we were than him–!

It’s a memory that causes me no little embarrassment.

Father H___, you were right, you couldn’t have been more right, and we were stuck-up young fools. And then along came college and made us even worse! I wasn’t in your class, but I heard all about it and was just as foolish as my friends: I, too, should have listened to you!

But no–we all succumbed to that old school-and-college trick of being led to believe we were tons smarter than our parents, than anybody over 30, except for our teachers and professors who told us how smart we were: and that was how they so easily manipulated us. Young minds, wired for trust, can be so defenseless.

*Sigh* Live and learn.

‘More Public Education Poppycock’ (2013)

Five years since I posted this: how much better do you suppose public education has gotten in the meantime?

There’s no one as anti-human as a humanist.


Down With Mother’s Day?

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On second thought, I won’t post any of those putrid images. How about a mated pair of cardinals instead? God’s stuff: it works an awful better than ours.

Oh, boy, more culture rot!

To achieve the fantastic end of making Mother’s Day “more transgender inclusive,” a British supermarket chain is selling “gender-neutral Mother’s Day cards” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5487133/Waitrose-sells-gender-neutral-Mothers-Day-cards.html). And a lot of the schools, of course, have hopped onto that bandwagon.

One of the cards–I’ll see if I can get an image, but if I can’t, you’ll see it if you click the link to the news article–proclaims, “2 Mums Are Better Than One!” One of the schools has changed the name of the holiday to “Special Persons Day.”

How has this happened to us? Our whole civilization seems to have fallen into the clutches of wack-jobs and lunatics who seek to dismantle everything that makes us human. And replace it with stupid stuff that they made up.

All of a sudden, to them, “mother”–“father,” too–is a bad thing, an offensive term. Because, like most words that actually mean something, it doesn’t mean just anything. It excludes everything that is not a mother. In sanity-land, that’s what words do. Otherwise they become useless for communication purposes.

Pray harder, sing louder, and speak the truth. God will hear us.

And He will remember that none of this was our idea.


Truth Lies A-Bleeding

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King David–a literary fiction?

If I had to single out one thing that has done more harm to our civilization than any other, that thing would be postmodernism–the addled doctrine that there are no facts, there is no truth, there are only “constructs.” And whoever can make his construct stick, by any means, gets to define reality.

Hatched in our colleges and looniversities, this has been turned loose on our politics and, worse, our entire culture. It’s the fountainhead of all this “we are whatever we say we are” business.

An outstanding example of this is the movement called “Biblical minimalism,” which claims that there never was a Kingdom of Israel, the writers of the Bible just made it up. The titles of the books, by academic nincompoops, tell you what you need to know. The Invention of Ancient Israel: The Silencing of Palestinian History by Keith Whitelam (1996), who alleges that the ancient kingdom of Israel was “invented by scholars.” The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel by Thomas Thompson (1999), who declares that “The entire notion of ‘Israel’ and its history is a literary fiction.”

What bunk. Were Sargon II and Sennacherib, kings of Assyria, aiding and abetting a modern anti-Palestinian conspiracy when they recorded their treaties and wars with Israel and Judah? How did they get roped in?

Postmodernists say we can never truly “know” anything, we only have whatever we can make up. It’s amazing that they get away with this. If nobody knows anything, then why should we listen to you–when you don’t know, either? As the toddler in a famous youtube video says, “It’s poop!”

So now your “gender” is whatever you say it is, on any given day, there is no objective right or wrong, there surely is no God, and blah-blah-blah. It’s poop.

We are Christians, some of us are Jews, and our God is not a man, that He should lie. We believe that there are not only material facts, but moral facts. We believe in truth, and much of what we know as truth, we know from the Bible, God’s Word.

In this we must persevere with all the strength that God can give us.

We don’t want to be found doing otherwise when Christ returns.

Leftid Journalist: ‘Drown Conservative Students’

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I don’t know what the word “journalist” means anymore. It apparently includes this leftid jidrool who thinks collidge prefessers should do more to conservative students than just lower their grades.

He wants them to drown conservative students–waterboard them to death (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10486). Someone suggested he was only joking, but the “journalist” tweeted, “I am not joking.”

The Loving Left again. Real sweethearts.

I believe him when he says he isn’t joking. I read history. I know what people are capable of doing to each other, and it scares me but good.

Look what his buddies did in Soviet Russia. These are not nice people.

They must be utterly and forever defeated.

The Loving Left: She Mocks Aborted Babies

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Goya saw this coming, and painted it…

Leftid comic genius Sarah Silverman wowed ’em on TV a few nights ago by saying, “If anything has ever made me want to eat an aborted fetus, it’s this law” (https://ijr.com/the-declaration/2018/02/1061687-sarah-silverman-goes-off-deep-end-says-new-pro-life-law-makes-her-want-to-eat-aborted-fetus/), referring to a 2012 law that bans the use of aborted baby parts as food or drink ingredients.

You don’t have to be Dante (or Goya) to be able to imagine what she’ll be doing in the afterlife.

The, uh, comic also took aim at another law requiring cremation of aborted babies, instead of just chucking them in a bin. Revel in her sage commentary: “F___ing funerals for f___ing aborted fetuses?” She went on to mock the size and undeveloped intellectual capabilities of a fetus. The pot calling the kettle black.

She wrapped it up with this: “Religious freedom used to be such a beautiful thing… and now it’s just this shroud to legalize hate and s___ like that.” Didn’t Spinoza say that once?

Isn’t it just wonderful, the way entertainment (cough, cough!) celebrities know all there is to know about everything? Such fine and delicate sentiment! Such crisp and scintillating wit!

Well, I keep telling you there’s no one as anti-human as a humanist. And leftids are the biggest hate merchants around.


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