‘Little Is Much When God Is In It’

I’ve never heard this hymn before–Little Is Much When God Is In It–and as I write this post, it’s yesterday: this morning I’m gathering dust in the eye doctor’s waiting room.

Sung by Nathan and Lyle, with family and friends, in Denton County, Texas, in a family sing-along. I wish my family had done this.

4 comments on “‘Little Is Much When God Is In It’

  1. The joy of this group of family and friends is contagious! They’re always so joyful when singing praises to the Lord. I had never heard this one either, but it’s a keeper!

  2. Very enjoyable! I always like it when the lyrics are included. We keep the closed-captioning function on our TV active because I have trouble making out the conversations – especially when it is young people conversing because they talk so rapidly.

  3. I agree, Lee. I cannot catch but a few words on most news (nooze, that is)
    because they talk like auctioneers, and 3 or 4 at the same time.
    This is a nice song, though, and I do like the words on screen.

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