‘Restoring the Promise of America’–Without God?

In this Chalcedon book review from last year, I examined Professor F.H. Buckley’s totally secular solutions to America’s problems (https://chalcedon.edu/magazine/the-way-back-restoring-the-promise-of-america-by-f-h-buckley), The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America.

As Bayard Rustin once said, there are a lot of stupid smart people.

Anyway, click the link and check it out. And please visit The Chalcedon Foundation’s new expanded website, http://www.chalcedon.edu/ .

4 comments on “‘Restoring the Promise of America’–Without God?

  1. Whether or not ‘thinkers’ like Buckley realize it, the attempt at the rebuilding of the tower of Babel is not a new thing, and ‘new wealth’ is old wealth dressed up in modern garb. Their attempts will fail and Nimrod will fall once again – this time with finality! They fail to see this because they fail to see that Jesus wins!

  2. I gather that F.H. Buckley is conservative, from what I can tell. Although his solution does sound somewhat Marxist to me. In Marxism everything revolves around economics and equality. To them it is the root cause of all of society’s ills, not the fallen nature of man whom they believe to be inherently good. They believe you can fix any problem by throwing enough money at it and forcing equality. It ignore the complexity of man, his needs and desires, and most importantly his (fallen) nature.

    1. He seems to believe that if we just keep on tweaking, bending, folding, twisting, and hammering reality, eventually it’ll turn out just the way we want it.

      It does not seem to have occurred to him that what he wants is not what everybody wants.

  3. The concluding comments at the end of the article give the solution. There is a reason St. James calls God’s law “The law of liberty.” I Corinthians 6 St. Paul lists sins that keep one out of the kingdom of God. Everyone of them is a transgression of one of the laws of liberty. The solution is so simple people miss it – keep God’s laws if you want to be free.

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