Blue Wave? What Blue Wave?

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The whole nooze media is chirping about this Great Blue Wave that’s going to sweep over the country in the midterms and sweep the Democrat Party back into power.

I can’t understand why they’re so confident. Is the science of voter fraud that far advanced? I mean, what items in the Democrat goody bag are going to beguile the same electorate that put Donald Trump in the White House? What do they have to offer that we want?

California’s tent cities?

Open borders, sanctuary states?

Public funding for abortion?

Repealing the Second Amendment?

Throwing people into prison for Climate Change Denial? (Don’t sneer–it was on their 2016 platform.)

“Gays” deciding what artistic content you can’t create, or must create? (Supreme Court ruling pending)

Government promotion of the Transgender movement?

Which of these does any normal person look at and say, “Yeah, I want that”?

Or have Democrats simply charmed us with their behavior? The foul language–they sound like Linda Blair in The Exorcist–and the rioting, the attacks, sometimes physical, on anyone who dares to disagree with them, the threats, the masks, the vandals tearing down statues: is this what’s won us over? Or could it be Nancy Pelosi babbling, or Chuck Schumer saying that if we won’t elect Democrats, they’ll bring in people who will? Were those the magic words? Or is it the 24/7 college jihad against white Americans? Do we, the voters, actually enjoy being demonized and hated, and blamed for everything? Does racism appeal to us, when liberals do it?

How does any or all of this translate into some Blue Wave?

Never forgetting that the nooze media might be lying…

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  1. They are hoping for a blue wave, but they thought this would happen in the Texas primaries and it didn’t. More Democrats did turn out , but they were still trumped (pun intended) by the Republican voters. Ted Cruz got more votes than all the other democratic contenders combined. Granted, Texas is still a pretty heavily red state. I expect them to make some inroads during the mid-term elections, how much remains a question.

  2. Blue or red – has no real, perceptible difference. Their goals are the same. I always say they’re in the same bed, just using different covers. People have become dumbed down by the indoctrination system masquerading as education and have been pacified nearly to the point of being comatose by the black screens that surround them – smart phones, smart TVs, computer screens, ipads, tablets – the list unfortunately is long. If you have any doubt that there are hidden dangers in these ‘smart’ devises, take a look at scrying mirrors. Very occult. Very frightening.

    1. Linda, it dismays me when anybody says “They’re all the same.” I really don’t think that’s just, let alone true. Believe me–if by some accursed miracle Democrats do sweep back into power, you’ll see the difference, and how. Only then it’ll be too late.

      I am well aware that there are many Republicans who might as well be Democrats: but they are not true to their calling.

    2. I hate conspiracy theories, especially silly ones that are impossible to prove. Think about it. This preposterous essay accuses J.P. Morgan of the cold-blooded murder of hundreds of people. Not to mention somehow remote-controlling the ship and the iceberg to come together at just the right spot.

      There’s more than enough real evil going on right out in front of us, without dabbling in such fantasies as this.

    3. The term ‘conspiracy theory’ was foisted on an unsuspecting populace by a devious CIA in order to deter people from digging for truth for fear of seeming crazy. Plenty of conspiracy theories have turned out to be facts. JFK was not killed by a lone gunman. Oklahoma City was not carried out by one guy with a truck. The list is a long one, Lee.

      There is a spiritual battle being played out and it’s being waged in the heavens and here on the earth. There is a very dark evil present and that evil knows time is short.

    4. One thing we can count on – the official version is rarely, if ever, the truth.

    5. I don’t deny that there are conspiracies. There are big ones, like the Bacchic Conspiracy in ancient Rome, a massive blackmail ring that threatened the survival of the republic but ultimately failed, because the lawful authorities were very energetic in suppressing it. And there are small conspiracies that succeed in what they set out to do, like John Wilkes Booth and his gang, who changed the course of American history by assassinating Lincoln. So conspiracies come in all shapes and sizes.

      But what history has never given us is proof of some vast, overarching conspiracy that actually micromanages world events (leaving precious little for the sovereignty of God to do). Nor can I endorse the mind-set that sees just about everything as the work of a fiendishly clever conspiracy, etc.

      You’d think at least some of these all-powerful conspiracies would be able to conceal their existence from Alex Jones, if they tried real hard.

      Finally, I find it personally repugnant, and immoral, to sling around extravagant urban legends about 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Titanic, and who put the freakin’ overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder.

      So, yeah, of course our leaders and officials lie to us. I think it’s second nature to them. Thucydides wrote about how hard it is to get at the truth in history even when people aren’t lying. Our nooze media never tells the truth on purpose (it would hurt Democrats).

      But Illuminati puppet-masters pulling all the strings? No, I’m not buying it. If Kerry, Gore, Pelosi, and Obama put their minds to it, with Loretta Lynch to help them, they still would be hard-put to organize a softball tournament. Even a tournament with only two teams in it.

    6. I believe there is an overriding conspiracy, but not of human origin. Satan rules this fallen world and is doing everything in his power to thwart God and to cause misery. He hates mankind, and wants us to fail. When atrocious things happen, be they wars, genocide or financial exploitation, Satan is pleased.

      That is not to suggest that Morgan, Rockefeller, Hitler, Stalin or Mao were in literal contact with Satan, but they may well have been serving his causes, quite possibly because they were misled by philosophies which are in opposition to Godly devotion. Fail to worship,the Creator and you are tacitly serving His opposer.

    7. The evil bandits on Jekyll Island weren’t there for a tea party. The Jesuits are pulling many, many strings around the world. The Vatican sits in pomp and circumstance pretending to be sitting ‘in the place of Christ’ (aka antichrist). Satan himself is at the head of this whole puppet show. Let’s not forget that he has been given temporary dominion and nothing is beneath him..

      So, yes, I do believe there is a group of super wealthy elites who have big plans that don’t include most of us. They killed JFK for trying to expose them. Even Eisenhower, as he was leaving the White House, warned against the Military Industrial Complex. There has been a huge conspiracy since Nimrod’s tower came down. They mean to rebuild it.

      William Casey, former CIA Director, said in 1982 – “We will know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American people believe is false”.

    8. And I hasten to add, regardless of what they do, we await our king – King Jesus!

  3. The Blue Wave advocates are the same people using the same polls that told us Hillary had the 2016 election in the bag. It is all hype. Like Rush Limbaugh says, the things that will probably determine the outcome of the Nov 2018 elections haven’t even happened yet. And these nooze pundits forget how there was a Red Wave after Obama was elected in 2018 – it was called the Tea Party and it continues to make a difference (hey, the beginning of tax relief has already begun, an issue the Dems are running against, the fools).

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