NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose mother and father were both born in New York City, and who himself was born there, embarrassed even his fellow leftids a few days ago by claiming to be an illegal alien (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/19/andrew-cuomo-claims-hes-undocumented-challenges-officials-to-deport-him.html).

“I’m undocumented,” prattled the Democrat governor, and dared federal officials to deport him. This is the same Andrew Cuomo, whose father, Mario, was also governor of New York: the same Andrew Cuomo who once said there was no place for conservatives in his state.

Even “immigrant” groups jumped on his statement, and demanded he apologize. Said one spokesman, “It’s incredible that the governor would try to claim to have shared our experience.” Well, identity politics does get out of hand sometimes.

But wouldn’t that be cool if the feds found some way they could deport him? Not a dry eye in the house!

7 comments on “NY Governor: ‘I’m Undocumented’

  1. Maybe he should claim benefits under DACA, since he didn’t come here himself but was born of what he’s claiming were anchor babies. But in fact his grandparents had the same documents that all the other immigrants of their generation had when they arrived at Ellis Island — or else they would have been sent home. And in the days before these cuckoo times, he and his parents and grandparents would have had to produce proof of citizenship before voting. But hey, if he wants to be deported, that’s okay with me.

    1. You’d think any political party would be ashamed of actively courting the felon vote. But Democrats are incapable of shame.

  2. There are currently 14 states that allow felons out on parole to vote, so Cuomo is not original on that one. But claiming to be undocumented? That must have come from his drinking an over sized caffeinated soft drink (which he probably did in secret to keep his Progressive credentials in tact)..

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