Encore: Cat Watching ‘Psycho’

Sorry, couldn’t resist! This gives me a laugh every time I see it. The cat is watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho on TV, and you’d better believe he’s following the action closely.

My folks wanted to see Psycho when it first came out, but they couldn’t find a babysitter. So they went to see it at a drive-in, with me in the back seat in pajamas. I was supposed to fall asleep. Wrong! Kind of surprising that I ever slept again…

13 comments on “Encore: Cat Watching ‘Psycho’

  1. The expressions on this cat’s face are priceless – toward the end even the pupils were dilating and contracting!

  2. That’s a good one. LOL. It didn’t quite affect my cat that way, but he did love Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

    1. It wasn’t watching the shower scene. It was the scene in which they find Mrs. Bates’ mummy in the cellar. Wow, did that freak me out when I was a little kid!

    1. If that isn’t a sign of intellect, I don’t know what is. That cat knew that it was watching a representation of something, and not the real thing. Had it thought that it was real. It would have bolted immediately. It finally did bolt, but only when the scream happened. Lots of humans would be overwhelmed by such a scene, too.

    2. My parents wanted to see Psycho at the drive-in, but they couldn’t find a babysitter so they took me along, thinking I’d fall asleep before the movie got rolling. Not a chance! And boy, oh, boy–when “Mrs. Bates” was finally revealed as a mummy–!

  3. I wanted to suggest a song for tomorrow: Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen by Carroll Roberson.

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