Does She Know She’s a Dog?

Playing with the kittens, playing with the adult cats, helping the mommy cat care for her newborns–does this German shepherd know she’s not a cat, but a dog? (Please ignore the cameo appearance by the raccoon. I think Violet Crepuscular wrote him in.) That such a big dog can be so gentle…

As a boy I was scared of German shepherds. My Uncle Ferdie had one, and I was convinced the dog wanted to eat me. Uncle Ferdie also had a houseful of little girls, none of whom got eaten. Eventually I learned the dog was excited because company came, and just wanted to play. So we made friends.

4 comments on “Does She Know She’s a Dog?

  1. That’s really something. I actually found the raccoon more amazing than anything else, because it obviously sensed that the dog wouldn’t hurt it. That’s pretty impressive for a non-domestic critter.

    That having been said, all of it is impressive. Obviously these animals have feelings.

  2. Impressive indeed! The mama cat who brought her young’uns to the dog and ‘marked’ the dog as hers, apparently to show approval t them all seemed to have more at work than ‘instinct’.. The raccoon peeking out from between the covers was obviously part of the family and wanted to make sure she wasn’t left out. God’s stuff works!

  3. If you are stuck inside all day why not have some fun with the cats. I have always hears German Shepherds were gentle dogs. I know soldiers in harms way grow very attached to their German Shepherd co-soldiers.

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