My Newswithviews Column, April 26 (‘They Keep Telling Us Who They Are’)

My friend the homicide detective says he hardly has to do any detecting at all. Sooner or later, the murder can’t contain himself anymore and he just has to brag to someone, usually another criminal–who goes on to repeat it to police, often in return for time off a prison sentence.

Leftids are the same. They can’t help telling us who they are and what they want to do to us. We should listen–and take effective steps to keep them from ever doing it.

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  1. Perhaps the one saving grace to all the madness is the fact that this lunacy is being exposed for all to see. Much like criminals, they suffer diarrhea of the mouth and are tipping their had for all to see. The result? A lot of people are rethinking their sentiments. Ronald Reagan was a staunch Democrat, until he realized that they were not the cause he had thought them to be.

    Hopefully the voters will realize the implications of all this in November.

  2. The trouble is that many of the people who’ve been assembly-lined through the schools run by these leftists are now out in society and vulnerable to — and often echoing — the irrational, emotion-driven rants of the leftists. In fact, most of the professionals are themselves products of the indoctrinating schools.

    I watched the transformation in my own students. When I first started teaching at my (ahem) “major research university,” my students used to laugh about the propaganda they were getting in some of their courses, calling the courses “Indoctrination 101.” But by the time I retired in 2009, most of them weren’t laughing about the indoctrination; they were parroting it. And these students had already arrived at the university brainwashed in their high schools — and maybe even their elementary schools.

    As I’ve mentioned before, when I first started teaching, many of my students didn’t know how to construct a logical argument, but after they’d been shown how, most of them were able to do it. By the time I retired, most of them not only saw no point in constructing a logical argument but had been taught that logical arguments themselves were phallologocentric and heteronormative instruments of the patriarchy (now they would probably add “white privilege” and/or “national supremacists”) and were thus oppressive and to be avoided. I don’t know where this will all end, but I don’t see much promise for the future of our Nation unless God provides us with many warrior-saints. (I’m speaking of spiritual and intellectual warriors, not military ones, although we may need the latter as well.)

    1. I keep asking what we’re going to do, a few years down the road, with several million unemployable, angry, ignorant, bitter, stupid, brainwashed young people with degrees in Bullshit Studies. Pardon the profanity: but in a case like this, the old Anglo-Saxon serves us best.

    2. We’re seeing it already. I hear tales of incompetency in business that stagger the imagination. What is the problem? Simply, the colleges are turning out people with zero ability to accomplish anything. They are taught to hate the system of which they are a part, so they feel no remorse when their actions lead to failures; failure is what they expect.

  3. Lee,

    We would like to use this article in the next Citizens Informer newspaper(coming out in late June) and would like your approval therefor. If we make minor editorial changes, we will also ask your approval threreof.

    Sidney Secular Managing Editor

  4. Who needs stinking liberty when we can have cradle to grave gimme’s from the Gov’t. If you need a conservative university to send your offspring, try U of Arkansas, Fort Smith. Lots of Christian professors.

  5. Lee–We’d like to use this article in the next Citizens Informer–may we have your approval therefor?

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