‘The Progressives’ Ten Commandments’

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Yeesh! Remember this? It’s what you get when you think you’re wiser and better than God.

Everyone has rules to live by–even “progressives.” (Don’t you hate that label? There’s something so self-congratulatory about it. Especially when applied to a bunch of saps.)

If progs had ten commandments, they’d be something like this.


And I am having a time with this computer today, so I just hope the link works, somehow.

As icing on the cake, you have to say all the same things they say because if you don’t… “Silence is violence!” The fact that it’s not, doesn’t faze them for a minute.

‘The Secular Humanist Afterlife’ (2015)

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This is how you keep Democrats and celebrities around forever.

Who says you need God to have eternal life? Not humanists!

Eternal life, but no God–secular humanists solved that problem conceptually years ago. It’s just a matter of developing it for practical use by rich progressives… who will then be with us… forever.


How do they do that? Your great ones and your loved ones, according to a Britsh, um, “scientist,” can be “brought back to life using their history on social media to power virtual avatars.” So there!

Honk if you find this even a tiny bit appealing.


My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 4 (‘On the Road to Lunacy’)

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Bing and Bob–could we go with them instead of with these idiots?

Where’s Bob Hope and Bing Crosby when you need ’em?

While truly major problems loom over us, needing to be addressed, we keep ourselves busy with stupid stuff. Abyssmally stupid stuff–like selling vegetarianism, shaping babies’ heads, and promoting transgender and abortion. It’s impossible to imagine anything stupider than a slogan like “Abortion is our future!”

On The Road to Lunacy

Yes, it’d make a pretty funny Bob & Bing “On the Road” movie, but in real life it’s not so funny. And most of it is done by nimrods with college “educations”.

Nothing’s all that funny when you have to pay for it–in more ways than one.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 23 (‘Read! Read More!)

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More and more people are choosing not to read anymore–or at least only to read something if their jobs require it. Besides–who needs to read, man? Like, dude, everything is on the internet!

Read! Read More!

America needs very badly to snap out of its digital stupor. No schiff–our electronic “smart” doodads are making us dumber. Loss of concentration, inability to think straight, inability to distinguish truth from poppycock–these are very serious problems, and if we don’t solve them, we will lose our country. Note I didn’t say “can.” We will lose our country and we will lose all our liberties.

Because ignoramuses don’t even know what liberty is.

What? A Newswithviews Column?

Understand Me If You Can – Rulla Alani

I have to write this week’s Newswithviews column, like, now… Only what should I write about? I was too sick yesterday even to think about it. I’m somewhat better today, but way behind in my work.

So what’ll it be? (And hurry up about it!) Parents actually sending their kids back to public school, in spite of all they’ve heard about it lately? Like, y’know, California schools teaching kids to worship Aztec gods.

Or maybe Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez showing up at a $30,000-a-ticket New York gala wearing an ugly $34,000 dress with a slogan in barn paint, “Tax the Rich.”  We still don’t know whether she paid to get in.

Whatever I decide, I have to start writing it toot-sweet. So if you’ve got any suggestions or encouragements (which I can always use!), let’s have ’em now.

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 9 (‘Two Questions That Demand Answers’)

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Oh, but they have to watch us! It’s a mandate!

A publishing glitch prevented my weekly Newswithviews piece from appearing at its usual time on Thursday morning. But it’s here now.

Question! Why is COVID treated as the deadliest and scariest disease ever?

Two Questions That Demand Answers

Question! If the “vaccine” is so great, how come there are so many healthcare professionals who refuse to take it?

But we don’t get answers anymore. We don’t get publicly-debated legislation. All we get is mandates!

Either the mandates will have to stop, or the United States as a constitutional republic will have to.

Can’t have both!

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 2 (Don’t Ask Me About the Headline)

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A teachers’union logo: don’t tell me you don’t get it!

Our public education system is killing us. Really and truly killing us. If we want our country to survive as a free country, we have to take down public education.

Here are a very few more of thousands of examples of how bad it’s gotten.

‘Educating Perversion’ With Little Or No Consequences

Of course, if you want your kids to learn racial hatred, sexual confusion, and out-and-out communism, then public school is where you want them to be, hands down.

But if you’re not a Far Left wacko loon, you really need to pull your children out of there.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 12 (‘A High School Diploma… For Nothing’)

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I’m still reeling from the news that the state of Oregon has voted to toss academic standards out their high school windows for the next five years: you won’t need to learn reading, writing, or math to get a high school diploma.

Yo, minorities! They’re doing this because they think you’re too dumb to meet ordinary academy standards. You need a big boost from white liberals!

A High School Diploma… For Nothing

If this is not offensive, what is? And meanwhile, what about those kids who’ll be sitting in the classroom for four whole years without any requirement to learn anything? 

This is robbery. Robbing Oregon’s taxpayers. Taking their money–by force, if need be–and giving nothing in return.

If liberals don’t destroy us in the next year or two, it won’t be because they didn’t try.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 5 (‘Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop’)

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We–and I don’t mean just America, but the whole wide world of Western civilization–are doing stupid stuff that has to stop before it kills us. We have to stop doing it. We have to stop letting it be done to us.

Stupid Stuff That Has to Stop

Who, besides the Democrat Party, would benefit from heightened racial animosity, ruptured borders, transgender tommyrot, and one damned lockdown after another? Who would ever want to live this way?

They’d eat us if they didn’t enjoy bullying us so much.

My Newswithviews Column, July 28 (‘My New Book “The Wind from Heaven” Is Out’)

I have been blessed with the mission to write my “Bell Mountain” series of fantasy-adventure novels for young readers. Probably most of my readers are adults, but that’s all right: they can pass the books on to their children and grandchildren.

No. 13 in the series, “The Wind from Heaven,” has just been published.

My New Book “The Wind From Heaven” Is Out

There aren’t that many fantasies written from a Biblical worldview; but mine are. And I’ve tried to purge all the most annoying fantasy cliches from my books. No crusty but benign old wizards, thieves with hearts of gold, gorgeous beautiful girls who know kung-fu–to all that stuff, “Away wi’ ye!” I just can’t stand those jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks.

You can find out about all the books in the series by going to the home page and clicking “Books.” In fact, you don’t even have to exit this blog to order them.