Calling in Sick

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Just so you know, and don’t wonder what happened, I’m calling in sick to Newswithviews this week. It’s been at least two months since I got a single referral from there, and it’s too much work to do for too little results.

I admit the nooze is getting to me. I admit I’d give practically anything to stay in bed all day with my books and have my mother bring me ginger ale… but it’s only a temptation, I won’t do that.

We are living in the evilest time I can imagine–in its own unique way, worse than World War II. Can a cabal of power-hungry globalists do to us what Hitler and Tojo with all their fleets and armies couldn’t do? We outlasted the Soviet Union, only to be poisoned by Obama & Co.? That’s a depressing thought.

We all need a breather, but we’ve got to keep working. At least keep praying.

As far as we can, for as long as we can…

My Newswithviews Column, April 8 (‘The Next Big Lockdown’)

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People are growing increasingly hysterical over COVID. But COVID’s nothing, nothing at all, compared to Systemic Racism! Ask any scientist.

But here is the solution!

The Next Big Lockdown

Yes–lock down everybody, forever. It’s the only way to be sure nobody has a chance to practice racism.

They might still think racist thoughts or harbor racist feelings, but we’ll have to get to that aspect of the problem later on.

Where there’s a government, there’s a way of suppressing people!

My Newswithviews Column, April 1 (‘Killing Our Culture’)

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I don’t understand why liberals want to turn America into a socialist hell-hole. Apparently the idea of governing a nation of peaceful, decent, prosperous people doesn’t appeal to them.

So they use the apparatus of America to destroy America. Our schools and “entertainment” industry, for instance:

Killing Our Culture

I still don’t understand why it’s okay for us to pay for the schools but not have any say in what gets taught there, or by whom. And for some reason we buy, er, “music” that celebrates destruction.

What’s wrong with us?

My Newswithviews Column, March 18 (‘Except the Lord Build the House’)

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Ruling the world, one tyranny at a time…

When I was in college I attended a lecture by Bayard Rustin, who said something I’ve never forgotten: “There are a lot of stupid Smart People.”

We’ve raised a bumper crop of them, these days; and they’re out to eat us alive.

Except the Lord Build the House…

Take a good look at these people who want to “transform” our country and control our lives. They are defective. The fact that they’re billionaires only proves that God has a sense of humor. That fact that they’re already so powerful only shows how much we need Him.

As the song says, Protect us by thy might, great God our king.

My Newswithviews Column, March 11 (‘History and… Fantasy’)

My new “Bell Mountain” book, The Wind from Heaven, ought to be coming out sometime this spring. But between now and then there’s a lot of nooze to cover: sort of like wading through a pestilential swamp.

So this week I’ve written about my books.

History… and Fantasy

Sometimes, by the end of the day, all I want to do is crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. The monsters are out there, ravaging our country. But you don’t win battles that way, and you certainly don’t win wars: and like it or not, we are in a war with Far Left Crazy–a war for the survival of our country, our freedom, and our way of life. They mean to take it all away from us.

Just now it seems we have nothing left but our prayers. They’ve nullified our votes, censored us off the social media. But if all we have is our prayers, then let’s use them. Pray often! Pray hard!

Where Will God Take Us from Here?

The Bell Mountain Series - Reformed Reviews

I’m tired of writing about the nooze. Tired of watching Democrats murder my country by inches. Nevertheless, I have to write for Newswithviews this week; and I think I’ll write about my books–because there’s a lesson in here somewhere, if I can dig it out.

When Bell Mountain No. 12, His Mercy Endureth Forever, came out last year, a few readers said the series had gone on too long and it was time to put it to bed: grant the good guys final victory and let them all go home, to live happily ever after. Like, it’s a fantasy series, you should be able to do that. Why not? Tolkien did.

In my series, the characters plod ahead through good times and bad, enduring one crisis after another, doing their best to serve God, although the world seems to fight them every step of the way. This pattern is also known as “history.” We don’t get a final victory, just a lot of little ones–and that’s if we’re lucky.

Was World War II a final victory? Hardly. The Cold War took its place. Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East. To say nothing of the domestic crises each and every nation must endure. But that’s history. It doesn’t stop. When the Byzantine Empire finally defeated the Sassanian Persian Empire after some 300 years of war, the same emperor was still in office when Islam broke forth from the deserts of Arabia and crashed against the walls of Constantinople.

As Christians we believe in final victory. We can read all about it in the Bible. Jesus Christ has won it for us. Ultimately Christ shall reign forever and ever.

But we don’t know when. We just keep working. We don’t get to see God’s calendar. It would be a terrible mistake to show it to us, and God doesn’t make mistakes. We get a glimpse, in the Book of Revelation, of what Christ’s final victory will look like. And then, as C.S. Lewis hinted, the story really begins. We can’t even imagine what’s in store for us then.

God rules history. From time to time He intervenes in it. We have no idea what our history will be like after the restoration of all things. How could we? God has the whole universe at His disposal.

There’s no telling where He will take us from there.


My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 25 (‘The Public’s Masters’)

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If things keep going the way they’re going, our ruling class is going to wind up eating us.

The Public’s Masters

They already despise us, already think of us as livestock that have to be herded, managed, and culled.

How did this happen? How did the public’s servants become the public’s masters? I mean, I do understand that tyranny and slavery are the natural state of fallen man and that our nation’s founders, prayerfully and humbly, tried to spare us this by creating our nation as a constitutional republic.

Not much left of that, is there?

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 11 (‘Republican Cowards’)


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I’m amazed the Republicans have the gall to hit us up for money, after the way they failed us, and continue to fail us, and failed our president.

Republican Cowards

I get tired of defending the Republican Party when people insist it’s the same damned thing as the Democrats. They say that because they confuse the people of the party with its leaders. Our leaders are, for the most part, worthless. It’s all one big happy family up on Capitol Hill, and no one goes home poor. And it’s our money that makes them rich.

Our professional political class is evil, venal, useless, corrupt, incompetent, and a disgrace to our entire country.

It very badly needs replacing.

Now What Do I Write?

Predator X

Behold “Predator X.” You’ll have a hard time fitting him in your wading pool.

I am supposed to write a Newswithviews column today. I’ve been thrashing my brain for ideas all morning. Politics? Gee, I’m tired of writing politics! What can I say that no one else is saying?

If only I could report to you that Predator X is still alive! Still cruising northern waters, looking for very large things to eat. They call him “X” because all they’re got are little bits of bone, not enough to deserve a proper name. But that only makes him more tantalizing to the imagination.

I don’t have much time left to come up with an idea.

Well, wish me luck. I’ve got to do this somehow.

What’s that ripple in the water over there?

[P.S.–Well, I wrote it, and you’ll see it Thursday.]

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 14 (‘The Big Lie Takes Form’)

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These Newswithviews pieces have been coming out of my hide lately. Well, of course it’s stressful. Vampires are poised to descend on our country.

The Big Lie Takes Form

I was a newspaperman for some years, reporter and editor. Once upon a time it was a profession you could take pride in being part of. Now it’s a disgrace. Now there’s nothing left of it by a slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.

Believe me, it used to be worth something. Years and years ago.