My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 14 (‘The Big Lie Takes Form’)

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These Newswithviews pieces have been coming out of my hide lately. Well, of course it’s stressful. Vampires are poised to descend on our country.

The Big Lie Takes Form

I was a newspaperman for some years, reporter and editor. Once upon a time it was a profession you could take pride in being part of. Now it’s a disgrace. Now there’s nothing left of it by a slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.

Believe me, it used to be worth something. Years and years ago.

Hello? Help?

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I am stumped. I have to write a Newswithviews column today and I’m stumped.

Liberty and the Constitution are melting away before our eyes. No more checks and balances: Far Left Crazy has the whole government sewed up. Every institution which we trusted in has failed us, if not actively betrayed us. In the end, Donald Trump stood alone against a deeply corrupted, anti-American ruling class. Once they finish getting him out of the way, they’ll be coming for the rest of us.

What do we do? There are 75 million of us. There must be something we can do to protect ourselves and our country.

We don’t know what to do. And events are moving so swiftly, the Big Lie is like a freakin’ tidal wave, we are buffeted from one side to another, that we can hardly think straight.

Ideas, anyone? I’ve got to write the column this afternoon. Suggestions, anyone?

Hang on, pray, and wait for God to do His stuff.

That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 7 (‘If They Can Do It To Us, They Can Do It To You’)

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I wonder how many more of these I’ll be allowed to write before Red China’s satraps in America shut down free speech.

If They Can Do It to Us, They Can Do It to You

We are asked to surrender to and accept a government that has no right to exist. Seventy-five million of us–and we’ve been conquered by a home-grown enemy. What Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do, Democrats and nooze media and teachers’ unions have done.

If there has ever been a more shameful moment in our history, I don’t know what it is.

Has God abandoned us?

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 31 (‘Losing Heart? Don’t)

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(Hat tip to “Thewhiterabbit” for suggesting this column.)

Are we going to go into four years of Democrat chaos, resulting in the piecemeal murder of our country?

A lot of people seem to think so.

Losing Heart? Don’t

I don’t know what to do, to correct the massive fraud that was the 2020 presidential election. But there are 75 million of us who voted for Donald Trump and who know we’ve been cheated! There’s no consumer protection bureau we can call, but there must be something that 75 million real people can do!

Whatever that something is, it must start with never giving in, never accepting, never acquiescing to the vast crime that attempts to put China Joe Biden in the White House.

It must not stand. It must not stand.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 24 (‘Did We See… a Pterodactyl?’)

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I don’t know about you, but I needed a break from politics. After all, it’s Christmas.

So I wrote about our pterodactyl. I’m sure I’m the only Newswithviews columnist who’s seen a pterodactyl.

Did We See a… Pterodactyl?

Yes, I know, the libs will jump all over it. “See? See? We toldja he was crazy!” But as Lou Costello once said, I saw what I saw when I saw it–and I don’t care what a bunch of leftids think. They believe in much more ridiculous things than the occasional pterodactyl. I prefer not to mention any of them here.

P.S.–Don’t forget out cyber-Christmas party! All are welcome! Bring imaginary snacks and board games and party fixin’s. We’re going to have a blast!

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 17 (‘The Age of Manufactured Consent’)

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“Have we showed her the hairs on our legs yet, my precious? Gollum-gollum!”

I really don’t think people are mad enough about this: using new technology and old tricks, Democrats and Red China have stolen our 2020 presidential election. Stolen it right out from under us and installed a puppet, a satrap, China Joe Biden, who campaigned by lurking in his basement.

The Age of Manufactured Consent

They have taken away our power to grant or not to grant consent. They liked the Swamp just as it was, the used every dirty trick in the book to stop Donald Trump from draining it, and now they can do anything they please because they now have an unlimited supply of fake votes to generate a fake consent!

Do you get it? Public opinion no longer matters. Public support is no longer needed for any crackpot policy the Swamp decides to impose on us.

We really need to be much angrier about this than we seem to be.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 10 (‘Pearl Harbor Day, 2020’)

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I’m not the only one who says Nov. 3, 2020, as our new Day of Infamy.

Pearl Harbor Day, 2020

That was the day the Democrats murdered our republic–or at least tried to. That was the day they stole the presidential election, stole the country out from under us. What Hitler and Tojo couldn’t do to us with all their fleets and armies, they’ve done with computers, payoffs to corrupt officials, and a lying, worthless “news” media.

It must not be allowed to stand.

My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 3a (‘How to Set Up a Global Government’)

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We can all be Venezuela now!

The theft of America’s 2020 presidential election–by Democrats–will be the template for stealing elections and installing puppet governments, run by globalist stooges, all over the world. If they can do it here, they can do it everywhere.

How to Set Up a Global Government

Once you replace genuine consent of the governed with manufactured consent generated by robots and computers, you can do anything. They’ll never vote you out of office. It’ll be impossible.

Welcome to the age of manufactured consent.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 26 (‘Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss’)

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Count your fingers after shaking hands with him!

The beautiful thing about stealing a presidential election is that once you do that, you can do anything. They’ll never be able to vote you out of office!

The governors of California and New Jersey have already taken that to heart.

Teaching the Peasants Who’s Boss

Y’know all those restrictions, all those “mandates” and “orders” that they press on you? None of it applies to them! Suddenly we are back in France in 1703. When the ruling class really ruled–and all you hicks out there had better believe it.

We are living in the most shameful episode in all of American history. May God abate His just anger and deliver us out of it.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 19 (‘The Media Cult’)

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If a noozie ever told the truth on purpose, he’d burst into flame from the stress.

Isn’t our Free & Independent Nooze Media creepy? All these people saying the same thing, like a bunch of cultists.

They even sound like commies. A commie cult.

The Media Cult

Along with all the rest of Far Left Crazy, our nooze media have thrown everything they had into stealing the election and getting rid of Donald Trump; and they’re already bragging about it as if they’d already done it. They’ve staked it all on one throw; and if they lose now, they lose everything.

No one has ever deserved it more.