My Newswithviews Column, May 19 (‘Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics’)

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Warning! Extremely toxic, may cause death if swallowed.

They create the crises and the messes, and then they offer to clean them up–for a price! Not much different from an old-fashioned extortion racket.

We are, of course, talking about the Global Governance-Great Reset-All the Money Flows to Davos crowd.  They’ll give us health and safety and equality and blind dates that turn out really nice… as long as we give them damn near all our money and all of our freedoms except the “right” to fornicate. For reasons of their own, they’ll let us keep that one.

Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics

Thank God we have our midterm elections before Davos can pull the plug on our national sovereignty. A thorough wipe-out of the Democrats ought to keep us out of the globalists’ museum of shattered nations.

And by all that’s holy, America needs to be steered well clear of the World Economic Forum… and all the rest of it.

My Newswithviews Column, May 12 (‘How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand?’)

Sex Ed Horror Stories: 10 Tales Of Sexual Misinformation | HuffPost Communities

This is not the column I wrote this week. Newswithviews has instead re-run my column from a month ago, How Much “Sex Ed” Can We Stand? Either the publisher thought it was important, or the whole thing is an accident.

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Can We Stand?

But boy howdy, I’ll tell you this: if our civilization ever does go belly-up, the single greatest cause of that, among many great causes, would be our so-called public education system. Thanks to King  COVID, millions of parents finally saw and heard what is actually being taught to their children by unionized “teachers”–sex, more sex, perverse sex, race hatred, and socialism.

The Far Left Crazy unions will never be rooted out of our existing public education system. That system must be scrapped, and children educated at home, in Christian schools, or in neighborhood schooling co-ops.

Public schools didn’t even exist until halfway through the 19th century. We are sure we can manage without them.

‘I Am Liberalism’ (Newswithviews, 2019)

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My wife says this is the best Newswithviews piece I’ve ever written; so it seemed good to me to post it again, why not?

I Am Liberalism

It’s appalling, how swiftly these grotesque ideas–liberalism–mutate into even more grotesque ideas. But the key here is to be awake, eyes and ears open: they got away with a lot of this stuff because no one was paying attention.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, leftids turned a reasonably peaceful and prosperous country, Venezuela, into a socialist hell-hole where they eat the zoo animals and can’t buy toilet paper. Didn’t we see that happen? Are we going to let it happen here?

Trust in God and reject the liberals.

My Newswithviews Column, April 21 (‘Replacing God’)

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At last! Eternal life!

The New York Times says we should “give up God.” They don’t tell us whom or what we should worship in God’s place. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

Replacing God

We get our truth from movies, nooze networks, and our schools and colleges, our redemption from the social media, our hope from politics, and eternal life from Science. What could possibly go wrong?

My Newswithviews Column, April 14 (‘How Much More “Sex Ed” Will People Tolerate?’)

Ten LGBTQ+ people on how queer sex ed could have helped them growing up | Dazed

Really, the time has come for Americans to answer this question. Who’s going to decide how we raise our children: parents, or a lot of weird geeks from the teachers’ union?

How Much More ‘Sex Ed’ Will People Tolerate?

Will they finally stop when every child in America has had a sex-change and been rendered sterile? Yeah, they’d have to–in another generation or so, no more people at all.

That’s why we call leftism a death cult. If you are a Democrat, you vote for a death cult

Have parents awakened in time to rescue their children from the groomers?

My Newswithviews Column, April 7 (‘Do We Still Need the Consent of the Governed?’)

Biden VP pick: Kamala Harris chosen as running mate - BBC News

The Two Stooges

Democrats are pursuing insane policies that have little or no public support–that are, in fact, making people very angry. Why? Why are they behaving as if they know they don’t need the public’s approval anymore?

Do We Still Need the Consent of the Governed?

Are they clued into some great secret that makes them independent of popular support? Have they got another 81 million phantom voters lined up for November? Why do they batter us with one disaster after another… and still expect to win elections?

I’ll bet more than a few of us can guess the answer.

My Newswithviews Column, March 31 (‘”Educating” Ourselves to Death’)

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I see now that I could do nothing all day but track the malpractices of public education–and still not be able to cover them all. So we have to discuss examples, a very few out of thousands. Here are three of them.

‘Educating’ Ourselves to Death

We really must have more than a few screws loose, to keep on sending our children to these indoctrination mills. When they’re not grooming children to be playthings for rich old perverts, they’re teaching them to be useful idiots for socialism.

There’s no excuse for this. Public education must die. And when it does, Far Left Crazy will die with it.

My Newswithviews Column, March 17 (‘My “Bell Mountain” Books’)

Bell Mountain (Bell Mountain, 1) - Kindle edition by Duigon, Lee. Religion  & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

I just finished The Witch Box a few days ago, and my editor has told me the double climax I created really works. That’s a relief.

I thought it might be nice to take a break from unrelievedly bad nooze and try to drum up some interest in my books. Hence this column.

My ‘Bell Mountain’ Books

Don’t be too quick to brush off fantasy. Do you think the big shots of this world deal in anything but fantasy?

The difference is, mine won’t kill you.

My Newswithviews Column, March 11 (‘New Words for Old S***’)

Delusional Democrats' lies and misleading claims take center stage on  second night of convention | Fox Business

Can you say “colossal mega-whopper”?

Leftids twist words: that’s how they deceive normal people. You only think you understand what they’re saying! But “justice” doesn’t mean for them anything we might find in the dictionary.

The truth is not in them.

New Names for Old S***

Fap! I should’ve included a paragraph about the way they use the word “democracy.” Watch out when they trot out this one!

Has Anybody Seen My Newswithviews?

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These Newswithviews columns come out of my hide. This week’s essay I wrote and sent in on Monday. It should have been published this morning.

Well, it ain’t there.

This is rather trying.

If anybody’s out there wondering if I just didn’t bother to write one this week–well, I did; and it has not appeared. *Sigh*

Update: I am told my column will appear tomorrow. Well, at least it didn’t get lost.