A Doggy Day at the Beach

Those white ghost crabs that some of the dogs are chasing–I’ve never seen them out during the day, only at night. Something tells me we’re not in New Jersey anymore, Toto.

Meanwhile, that guitar piece in the background is knocking hard on the door of my memory. Is that “Apache,” from way back when? (Betcha Unknowable knows.)

P.S.–Great Glamis, what a memory! “Apache” was a hit in 1960, and the last time I heard it–just background, no title or credit–was on a late 1970s TV special about Steve Reeves’ retirement years on his ranch. Leester, you amaze me!

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15 responses to “A Doggy Day at the Beach

  • UnKnowable

    Great video. That Sea Lion cuddling up to the dog was wonderful.

    The song isn’t Apache, but it’s close. Apache is a favorite of mine, both to listen to and to play. Hank Marvin has a great version. Amazingly, Hank and the Shadows were never all that well known in the US, but they were huge on the other side of the pond and rightly so. All of them were more than competent musicians.

    I don’t know the name of the song from the first video, but I have a team of experts working on it as I type. In some ways, it sounds like Link Wray, but I wouldn’t bet my last nickel thereupon.


  • Linda Sorci

    That sounds like the Apache I remember, Lee – Jorgan Ingman


  • Linda Sorci

    The dog video music is just a tad different. Unknowable – help 🙂


    • UnKnowable

      I’m at a loss regarding that song. It’s similar to Apache, but not exactly the same. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a copy of Apache, but the chord changes are different.

      The sound of the guitar, the “production values”, etc. sound like Link Wray to my ear. I listened to some samp,es of Link Wray songs but couldn’t find it. I’ve even posed the question to some Instrumental Rock aficionados, but I’m drawing a blank. There is a Link Wray song which sounds similar, but certainly not identical. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QhsnTzvb45s


  • Linda Sorci

    Okay – now that I’m done texting with my daughter about her dog’s major surgery today, I can pay closer attention to what I’m doing here lol. Try texting and typing an trying to watch a video at the same time, while also listening to the music. Breathless would be a good word.

    The dog barking at the seals was hilarious, and I was a little surprised to see the floating cats 🙂

    Unknowable, what IS that song playing in the video? It really is close to Apache. The guitar work reminds me of Nelson Eddie 🙂


  • Linda Sorci

    Here we go again – your Kids and Goats aren’t accepting comments :\


  • David Ingram (@debater2016)

    The collie on the skim board was great. I never was good with skim boards, and I was terrible with surf boards because of being so severely near-sighted.


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