My Bathroom Sink Is Fixed and I am Beat!

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From time to time I have to take the bathroom sink apart and unclog the drain pipes. It’s not a complicated job, but one thing makes it devilishly hard–the room’s too small! I can’t get into a comfortable position to work. Every move I make turns into some kind of dreadful yoga exercise. And, as Kipling once said, “The heat would make your bloomin’ eyebrows crawl.” Mine were halfway down the stairs before I caught them.

Knowing it was going to be unseasonably roasting hot today, I got up early to take my bike ride before the temperature soared. After my daily conference with my editor, I did a bunch of blogging. Then that torture in the bathroom. Then write and submit my book review for Chalcedon.

And all of a sudden, I’m beat.

I want my “Columbo” episode! I want my Freddy the Pig book! But those delights come later. For the time being, it’s just iced tea and me.


8 comments on “My Bathroom Sink Is Fixed and I am Beat!

    1. I’m trying to picture you emerging with a red cape and a big S on your shirt 🙂

  1. Working under a sink is the worst. Even if there’s plenty of room it’s uncomfortable, but it things are cramped it becomes intolerable.

    1. Praise God! Scheduled your link to be shared a few hours back on Twitter and emailed it to the guy who wrote it; hoping it contributed a bit to it being read =)

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