Sanity Break: Huggable Chickens

Who knew chickens were so affectionate? My grandpa used to raise chickens for food, and my mother told us lurid stories about that. Yeesh. But after you’ve hugged ’em, after you’ve had ’em on your lap, you can’t possibly eat ’em! Go ahead, call me a softy, I don’t care. The blessings God has showered on us–who can count them? God’s stuff is good!

4 comments on “Sanity Break: Huggable Chickens

  1. When I lived in North Florida, my neighbor had some chickens, a rooster and a couple of peacocks. Her rooster would come to my house every morning (not too early lol) to greet me, and although I never thought to hug him, he certainly was attached 🙂 My geese were very affectionate, too, and my male was very protective of me.

    God’s stuff works! I believe the book of Jubilees allows that all animals spoke until the fall. Interesting to ponder . . .

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