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Incredible Snoring Animals

Penguins sleep standing up, seals can sleep floating in the water, and even hummingbirds and chameleons have their own sleep style. But there’s one thing they all have in common.

They snore. They all snore.

My cats can really saw wood, once they get going…

What’s This Bird’s Game?

Out there in the real world, cats catch birds and eat them. We’ve all seen it done, haven’t we?

So why does this cardinal want to come into the house where the cat is? He winds the cat up pretty good, flies away–and then comes back. If the cat could somehow get past the glass in the window, the bird is history.

I’m gonna be a while, trying to figure out what’s going on here.

Babies & Birds

Is it just me reading too much into this–or do the birds in this video actually understand what a human baby is, and have a wish to please the baby? Given that parrots and parakeets are surely at least as smart as cats and dogs, I think it very likely that they do.

Just don’t let the baby use the little yellow bird as a pacifier.

The Further Adventures of Jimmy the Turkey

We thought we might’ve caught Jimmy the Turkey on an off-day yesterday, maybe he got up on the wrong side of the… whatever turkeys sleep in. He couldn’t be that crabby all the time.

Uh… wrong. He can.

My wife knew a farmer whose tom turkey habitually attacked the mailman. That was back when mail carriers used to go around with those great big sacks of mail. Something about the poor guy always got the turkey’s dander up.

I so see this as a Freddy book!

The Adventures of Jimmy the Turkey

No, we’re not talking about another Democrat presidential candidate. Jimmy is a real turkey who shares a barnyard with a tribe of chickens; and I think there might be ducks or geese in the background who are camera-shy. This is starting to sound like a Freddy the Pig book…

Anyway, watch Jimmy take charge when a strawberry enters their lives.

More Adorable Birds

God has blessed us with all sorts of creatures that can be our companions–all different, but also with important things in common. Like the ability to play with you; even the ability to love you. Many mammals have those qualities. And a lot of birds do, too.

We’ve got more than our usual ration of bad news, these days; but I think these birds will cheer you up.

And someday I’ll try to tell you why I’m so fond of reptiles, too.

Talkin’ Birds

It is said that Sargon II had a “curious bird” named Whoopsie who could sing the Assyrian national anthem; but I don’t believe it.

These birds are smart enough to interact and play with humans. And you’d swear they have a sense of humor. Betcha they do.

Another Cat Named Henry

We had a cat named Henry. The vet said she’d never heard of naming a cat Henry. So I really had to post this video, because there’s a cat named Henry in it. Getting sung to be a bird. Our Henry would have eaten the bird.

There’s another bird here, who seems a bit jealous of all the attention the cockatiel is getting, and a black cat who doesn’t pay any attention to any of it. As for this Henry, he seems to appreciate the serenade.

Bird Serenades Bunny

This is priceless! I don’t know what it means, I can’t imagine what the bunny thinks of it–but it had me laughing out loud. A medley of movie and TV show theme tunes, performed by a cockatiel for the edification of a bunny. Except the bunny runs away before it’s over.

I think this might be the kind of thing they’re going to study at Quokka University.

Do Not Disturb My Cat!

Little Miss Rosycheeks isn’t about to let anyone disturb her sleeping cat. “It’s my cat, and you get your big fat human paws off him!” Now I’ve seen everything.

Robbie has just jumped onto the windowsill and scared off a whole flock of doves. It’s going to take a while for Birds Loving Cats to get popular.

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