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Watch the Birdy–and the Cat

Why don’t the cats just eat these birds? But no, they play with them. And in most of these clips, the bird seems to have the upper hand. Like the baby bird who thinks the cat’s tail is a nice big hairy worm for him to snap up.

We see more and more of these unexpected animal friendships. Makes me think the Lord is trying to tell us something that’d be good for us to know.

Cats vs. Parrots: The Video

I want to know why these birds are totally unafraid to tussle with cats that could easily eat them. Okay, a parrot as big as the cat probably has an even chance. But those little parakeets? Only two explanations suggest themselves: either these birds have a death-wish (not likely), or else they know the cats won’t hurt them. And the cats could, but they don’t. They just have fun together.

Again–is God showing us something about Creation’s future?

Does Your Bird Own a Cat?

It looks like more and more people are acquiring cats to be companions for their birds. (Hint: Not the cats in my neighborhood! Definitely not to be trusted with birds.) Well, kittens are adaptable. You can see how well they get along with their birds.

Unlike humans, parakeets don’t spend a lot of money on cat toys.

Getting Goosed

Ever since they saved Rome by attacking the Gauls who were sneaking up the hill, geese have been bodacious. Too big for their britches, if they had any. Worse, they inspire a lot of other birds to emulate them.

Somehow the idea of being chased by an angry chicken is embarrassing.

Sanity Break: Huggable Chickens

Who knew chickens were so affectionate? My grandpa used to raise chickens for food, and my mother told us lurid stories about that. Yeesh. But after you’ve hugged ’em, after you’ve had ’em on your lap, you can’t possibly eat ’em! Go ahead, call me a softy, I don’t care. The blessings God has showered on us–who can count them? God’s stuff is good!

Pet Chickens? You Bet!

After learning about how hard it is to care for various kinds of birds, Patty and I got to wondering about chickens as pets. Those of you who’ve lived in the country won’t find this surprising, but to this suburban boy, it’s one of those “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?” moments. My grandpa kept chickens, but they were for eating: my mother had some rather lurid tales about that.

But it seems chickens are friendly, cuddly, reasonably calm, don’t require exotic or expensive food, and can get along with dogs and cats as well as people. What’s not to like?

Clever Critters

Cats and dogs, goats and birds–they figure things out, they really do. They come up with original ideas for problem-solving. I suspect they’re smarter than whoever was standing there with a camera while the dog jumped up on the counter and fiddled with the microwave.

Birds Are Funny, Too

There is one bird in this video who’s not joking, not playing around. In fact, he’s somebody you want with you if you have to walk through poisonous snake country. That’s the secretary bird, the big bird having it out with the rubber cobra: and their mission in life is to kill and eat snakes–even the most dangerous ones.

The other birds are just having a good time.

Cattish as a Second Language

This cockatoo has mastered a foreign language–Cattish. Assorted meows, hisses: he’s got it all down pat. These cats are just flustered by his almost undetectable accent. They think he sounds like he’s from Kentucky.

Very Unusual Kittens!

Someday the lion will lie down with the lamb. In the meantime, this cat lies down with three ducklings. Not only that: it’s a momma cat, with kittens, and she suckles the ducklings! And we may safely ignore the narrator’s “scientific” explanation of it.

These kittens and ducklings are going to grow up to be very unusual cats and ducks.

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