Sleepy Ducklings

This is kind of short, but you’re gonna love it. And if you watch it twice, it’ll seem twice as long.

It’s just a pair of tuckered-out ducklings. Who knows what they did to get so sleepy?

Memory Lane: Our Friendly Egret

This video reminds me of a snowy egret who used to keep us company at the house we rented, for vacation, on Long Beach Island. Actually, she was attached to the owner of the house, who lived downstairs. But she liked Patty and me, too.

Every year she flew down to Florida for the winter, but she always came back in the spring and stayed all summer. Often she used to perch in the owner’s boat when he went fishing. Or she joined us on the dock while we fished, or on the deck when we watched the sun go down. We always had some bits of squid for her, or a minnow or two. She would have joined us in the living room if we left the door open, but for the rug’s sake we never did that.

Snowy egrets nearly went extinct in the 19th century, due to the demand for its feathers to decorate lady’s hats. When the demand went away, the egret recovered.

I never saw another wild bird half as friendly and sociable as this egret. We loved her, and it was always a treat to find her still there when we came down for two weeks in September.

And her snowy feathers surely looked better on her than on some silly hat.

Sanity Break: Baby Turkeys

No more nooze today. Here’s some of God’s stuff instead.

Baby turkeys–I’ve never seen baby turkeys before, I had no idea they were so cute! They look like cuddly little stuffed toys. Perfect little turkeys! If you can’t fall in love with these, better make sure you can still fog a mirror.

Parakeet Plays Doggy Dentist

Parakeets are bold. One might even say rash. This little bird insists on picking at the dog’s teeth. How does he know he isn’t going to be eaten in a single gulp? The dog could easily do it.

But it’s not nice to bite your dentist!

Birds & Babes

How do these birds know not to take a chunk out of a baby? And how do the babies know not to squeeze or swat at the bird? There seems to be some kind of understanding here… which I don’t understand.

Clash of the Titans: Dog & Parakeet

I’ve never had a parakeet, but I can’t help loving them: they seem to have a lot of go to ’em. Why, for instance, does this tiny parakeet insist on bugging that great big dog? I mean, one bite and he’s history–right? The off-stage human sounds nervous about it, but the parakeet doesn’t look a bit worried about what the dog might do to him.

I suspect there’s some kind of communication between these two minds that is not accessible to humans.

Who’s That Pecking at My Window?

Why is this woodpecker pecking so energetically at what looks to be a metal window frame? Look at the expression on his face when he pauses: his wheels are turning. He has a reason for doing this, and he seems to be wondering why a certain thing, known only to himself, hasn’t happened.

If only we could get into animals’ minds!

Cats & Birds: Duel in the Desert

How do these birds know the cats won’t hurt them? I’ve seen plenty of neighborhood cats catch birds, and it doesn’t end well for the bird. But nothing like that happens in any of these videos. Birds climb around on cats and walk after them and nibble their ears… and the cats don’t eat them.

Domestication! These aren’t wild creatures anymore: they live with us.

Now if we could only domesticate people, we’d have something there.

Cats & Ducks

What’s going on here? What does it feel like to get out-wrestled by a duck? A few of these cats know. I’ll bet it feels embarrassing.

But they’re not all bad encounters. And when you see the tiny kitten chasing the duck that’s eight times his size, you’ll know that kitten is cut out for great things.

Bird Sings Lullaby

(Short, but I couldn’t resist it.)

Who says birds are dumb? This cockatiel knows that the best time to sing a lullaby is when the baby’s already asleep. And he gives the baby gentle kisses, too. What more could you ask? Okay, my mother would’ve had a fit; but I’ve gotta believe that being loved by animals is wonderful for a human baby’s development.

And I’m sure the cat who’s being upstaged here would agree with me.