Cats with Love to Spare

When they don’t have people, kittens, dogs, or rabbits to cuddle up with, cats can make do with stuffed toys.

I won’t worry about cats until they start demanding Play-Doh and safe spaces.

4 comments on “Cats with Love to Spare

  1. Expressions of serenity. Every single one of the cats in this video looked exquisitely content with the selected stuffed companion – and most of them looked as though the capturing and hugging of these toys was deliberate! Cats rule! 🙂

    1. I remember what that was like–teddy bear, big yellow bunny. Poor tired Daddy taking over when I thought there were monsters outside the bedroom window. Wish I’d had a cat!

    2. The cat could have eaten the monsters. 🙂

      These videos are adorable. It seems like cats like someone to cuddle with. Small children use toy animals, adults use cats.

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