Cats & Dogs & Sorry I’m Late!

I was wondering why nobody viewed my cat video tonight. Then I realized I hadn’t posted it. Chalk it up to stress and really lousy weather.

Anyway, here you go, cats and dogs together. If you can’t cuddle, play!

6 comments on “Cats & Dogs & Sorry I’m Late!

    1. For a moment, I wondered if all of these animals got along so well because they’re ‘family’ – all living together in the same house. But we’ve seen too many unusual friends in the wild for that to be the reason. God may be giving us a glimpse 🙂

  1. I wondered what happened to you, Lee. I’m glad all’s well.

    Priceless! I don’t know which one to mention first, the cat holding the dog’s nose so the dog wouldn’t leave, or the twins – the border collie and the tuxedo cat! 🙂

    1. I wonder what happened to me, too. I selected and loaded the cat video right after supper, like I always do, and then forgot to post it. Too much stress, lately.

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