The Mystical Creamsicle

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During my after-supper nap last night, I dreamed I discovered a box of Creamsicles in my freezer: a pleasant surprise. And later, watching a Columbo episode, what does Columbo order for refreshment? Yup–a Creamsicle.

Okay, I’m game. I’ll go to the store today and buy some Creamsicles. Hey, maybe somebody’s trying to tell me something to my advantage…

3 comments on “The Mystical Creamsicle

  1. I always preferred fudgsicles myself. Something about the combination of orange and vanilla never spoke to me. There, now … despise me if you dare. (As my friend Lizzy once said to Mr. Darcy.)

  2. Yummy! Creamsicles and banana popsicles were my favorites! 🙂 Now I’ll have to get me some creamsicles. I’m not sure banana popsicles are still around. They were really more the texture and creaminess of fudgsicles.

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