Just a Few (Ahem!) Questions

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Columbo always used to ask about “just one more thing.” I have several things to ask about today.

Just askin’, ma’am.

*Did I mis-hear an ad on the radio for a retirement community called “Mendicant Village”? Do you become a mendicant before or after you go there?

*The more they yap about “income inequality” and redistributing the wealth, those wonderful global elites, the richer they themselves get. How does that happen? How is it that they’re all so fabulously wealthy?

*When will governments give up the special powers they’ve grabbed during the reign of King COVID?

*Is anybody still making movies?

*Why do we still have public education?

If any of you out there know any of the answers, you’re welcome to post them here.


‘How Smart Are You?’ (2018)

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I’m re-running two of the most popular posts ever to appear on this blog (I’m tired, I’m late, I don’t wanna post any nooze on this beautiful day), in hopes you’ll all enjoy them.

They’re a package deal. This one sets up a puzzle, taken from a Columbo episode, and then the next one you read will give the answer. You’ll find the puzzle here: just click the link.

How Smart Are You?

Now that I know the answer (!), of course that was the answer! It had to be!

Now it’s supposedly a Mensa riddle, suitable for geniuses, guaranteed to stump everybody else. So if you’ve never seen it before, and you’ve got the answer… Go to the head of the class!

Vintage 1967 Milton Bradley GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS Board Game Series 14 | eBay

‘The Answer to Columbo’s Puzzle’ (2018)

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Note: Don’t read this one first! Because of the way WordPress is set up, I have to post the answer before I post the question.

Okay! Give up? Can’t remember the answer from three years ago? Or maybe you haven’t seen it before, Either way, here it is.

The Answer to Columbo’s Puzzle

Simple, isn’t it? And if you’ve got the screenwriters on your side, it’s a breeze.

If you forgot the answer from the first time around, and figured it out this time–well, you oughta be in Mensa!

‘When is “Columbo” not Columbo?'(2014)

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In any fiction series, isn’t it disconcerting when the central character suddenly starts behaving in a way he never did before? But they did that in one of our all-time favorite TV series, Columbo.

When is ‘Columbo’ Not ‘Columbo’?

I have no idea whether this post will go up or not. The guy is supposed to come tomorrow to install the new modem. The old one we could install ourselves. The new one, forget about it.

Down Whith Columbo day!!!

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We has just hadded a Reely Impotant meting of The stodent soviet “tooday” and we jist “voated” to Abbolitsh Columbo Day!!!

How discussting! to has a socaled Holladay for some “guy” come over in “a” Shipp and abstruck al “the” Indingentous Peple in Amarica and that racist Columbo watt kined “of” Heero whas he??? Jist loook “at” himb,, he “was” Seesick the hole tyme “he” was On the Bote!!!!! and al this racist biggit stuph abuot he discupboard America watt a joak!!! becose evry Boddy “thay” knows it was Wimmin of Choler thay discupboard Ameriica!!! and thay done “it” a hunerd 1,00 yeeres befour stopid old Columbo!!

We lernt at our Meting that Columbo come to Amerrica it “was the” Gratist Kallamatty evver and i sayed at the meting itt “was” Donold Trumpt’s fawlt watt hapened and the hole Stodent Soviet thay “jumpeded” up and Cheered,, and like that it nevver hapened To “me” befour and it maid “me” fiel jist lyke Pressadint Obammba!!!! In facked it maid me “think” mayby i auhght to go Into Pollaticks i bett i cood get Elecktid to Congrist jist like Alexandra Ocasional Corset!!!!!

Any whay thare isnt gointo Be no stinkin Columbo day hear at our Collidge “or” no Othher kined of racist biggit Day neether!!!!!!

i bett I cood get “a” Lot of peple to Voat for me!!

‘Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy’

I had never heard this beautiful hymn before, until I heard it last night in, of all places, a Columbo episode. I hope you love it as much as I do–Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy, sung in quartet by A Cappella.

The Mystical Creamsicle

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During my after-supper nap last night, I dreamed I discovered a box of Creamsicles in my freezer: a pleasant surprise. And later, watching a Columbo episode, what does Columbo order for refreshment? Yup–a Creamsicle.

Okay, I’m game. I’ll go to the store today and buy some Creamsicles. Hey, maybe somebody’s trying to tell me something to my advantage…

My Bathroom Sink Is Fixed and I am Beat!

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From time to time I have to take the bathroom sink apart and unclog the drain pipes. It’s not a complicated job, but one thing makes it devilishly hard–the room’s too small! I can’t get into a comfortable position to work. Every move I make turns into some kind of dreadful yoga exercise. And, as Kipling once said, “The heat would make your bloomin’ eyebrows crawl.” Mine were halfway down the stairs before I caught them.

Knowing it was going to be unseasonably roasting hot today, I got up early to take my bike ride before the temperature soared. After my daily conference with my editor, I did a bunch of blogging. Then that torture in the bathroom. Then write and submit my book review for Chalcedon.

And all of a sudden, I’m beat.

I want my “Columbo” episode! I want my Freddy the Pig book! But those delights come later. For the time being, it’s just iced tea and me.


The Answer to Columbo’s Puzzle

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I almost forgot to give you the answer to Columbo’s puzzle.

To recap: You have three bags filled with gold pieces, but the pieces in one of the bags are counterfeit. The only way you can tell the difference is that the genuine gold pieces weigh a pound apiece, but each counterfeit piece weighs one pound and one ounce. You need to discover which bag contains the counterfeits: but all you have, by way of equipment, is an old-fashioned penny scale, like they used to have in drugstores, and a single penny. How do you do it?

Well, no one here came up with the answer, so here it is.

From Bag #1 take one piece; from Bag #2, take two pieces; and from #3, three.

Weigh all six pieces at once.

If it weighs six pounds, one ounce, the counterfeits are in Bag 1. If it weighs six pounds, two ounces, they’re in Bag 2; if six pounds, three ounces, Bag 3.

Don’t feel bad. Columbo had help from his screenwriters.

How Smart Are You?

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Here’s a puzzle that was featured in a Columbo episode we watched last night. Columbo cracked it. Can you? Here it is.

You have three bags full of gold pieces. Two of the bags contain genuine gold pieces weighing one pound each. One contains counterfeit pieces weighing one pound and one ounce each. The only way you can tell them apart is by weighing them.

But all you have is a penny scale and a single penny, so you only get one weighing, no more. Utilizing only your penny and this scale, can you figure out which of the bags contains the counterfeit pieces?

Now the answer to this puzzle is quite simple. “Why didn’t I think of it!” you’ll say, once you know the answer.

Some of you may already know this problem. If you do, don’t spill the beans.

I will reveal the answer after allowing some time for my readers to offer their answers.

And no, I didn’t get it, either! But you and I don’t have the screenwriters on our side.