Bob Knight Reviews ‘The Palace’ (2014)

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Every now and then I get edgy about whether my books are actually reaching any audience, so I post something to try and arouse readers’ interest in them. I’m happy to say there seem to be a lot of newcomers to this blog: maybe I can get you guys to try my books.

Here’s Robert Knight’s review of Bell Mountain No. 6, The Palace (  Hint: I really could use some more Customer Reviews on Yes, I know–entirely shameless of me even to mention it.

The kid on the cover, by the way, is real. Artist Kirk DouPonce always uses live models in his covers for my books.

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  1. Lee, if you meant to link to the review, I don’t see it; and the review itself doesn’t appear in your post. Of course, most of us know how to find it on amazon anyway 🙂

    1. Eeyah! This is what happens when I try to multi-task–none of the tasks gets done right!
      Thanks for the heads-up, Linda. The problem has been corrected.

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