Honoring the Dishonorable

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Serial murderer Elizabeth Bathory: she’d get a medal, too, if she were alive today

In line with being proud of things we ought to be ashamed of, Harvard Looniversity has announced that it will award its Radcliffe Medal this year to Hillary Clinton–drunkard, grifter, thief, liar, rape enabler, fumbling lout in office, with the blood of Benghazi on her hands, dowager empress of the spectacularly corrupt Clinton Foundation: and these are her good points!–for her “transformative impact on society.” ( https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/05/21/harvard-gives-award-to-hillary-for-transformative-impact-planned-parenthood-ceo-gets-human-rights-award/) Well, yeah, okay–she did everything she could to make it worse. As comic relief, Harvard also describes this evil woman and all-around poor sport as a “champion of human rights” and a “skilled legislator.” Really, are these people quite all there?

Not to be outdone by a mere laughing stock of a university, some group called “The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights” is going to give its award to Cecile Richards, recently retired president of baby-slaughtering Planned Parenthood, for–get this–“selfless and devoted service to the cause of equality.” You wonder how they can say such things. Well, we’re all “equal” in death, aren’t we? But in life Ms. Richards made a fortune killing babies and selling off their body parts.

Too bad Countess Elizabeth Bathory isn’t still alive. I’m sure they’d give her a medal, too. She sort of did what Cecile Richards does, only it was several hundred years ago and the victims weren’t unborn babies, but mostly teenage girls.

Definitely she would get a medal, too.

7 comments on “Honoring the Dishonorable

    1. She behaves as any liberal in good standing would behave, and all the libs love it. They aren’t normal people, you know.

  1. Character, ethics, morality – these are qualities completely foreign to such people, which is most likely how they can do these things without shame. I wonder if they are even familiar with the concept of shame.

  2. Well said, Lee. I can hear Doug’s blood boiling and his having a conniption fit that a professing Christian would write such things about another human being (you know, MS-13 gang members shouldn’t be called animals). Her rapist husband is scheduled for speaking engagement after speaking engagement this summer. What is wrong with people? – oh yeah, they are spiritually dead until God makes them alive by His grace (Ephesians 2:1). Galatians 6 assures us that God is not mocked for whatever a person sows that he shall also reap (believing that is called faith).

  3. The Left is an ugly culture of death; to give medals out to the cause of killing the most innocent among us (preborn) is great wickedness.

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